GlobalmatiX Telematics Solution for xTCU Telematics Interface – the New Dimension for the Fleet Management of the Future

Shared mobility is one of the major trends of future mobility, particularly in urban regions. Large fleet operators, such as rental car and car sharing companies, also see enormous growth potential in this area. With around 255,000 rental and car sharing vehicles in Germany, “Car to Cloud to Company” will be a critical technology when […]

Better data for better beer

Brewers will often attribute their success to passion, determination and innovation, but once a beer has been developed and branded, it’s all about consistency. Process monitoring therefore has a key role to play. In the following article Keijo Pyörälä from Vaisala will explain how in-line refractometers, located strategically at every stage of the brewing process, […]

Sowing the seeds of Agriculture 4.0

~ The role of embedded computing in next generation agricultural technology ~ Agriculture is part of the backbone of civilisation, playing a vital role in the formation and continuity of society itself. It’s no surprise, then, that this crucial industry is experiencing its own technological revolution, led by data, automation and computing. Here, Martin Frederiksen, […]

Positek’s new S119 series precision linear position sensor is submersible and compact

Positek, the leading UK position sensor designer and manufacturer, has launched a new range of compact and space-efficient linear position feedback sensors aimed at marine, wash-down, harsh industrial, mobile machinery, and similar challenging-environment precision measurement tasks. Based on Positek’s well-proven, non-contacting PIPS® (Positek Inductive Position Sensor) technology, the new S119 features a choice of industry […]

Wavelength Optimized dn/dc Measurement

TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K has introduced new laser options for its HK Series differential refractometer to enable precise determination of specific refractive index increment (dn/dc) at the same wavelength as the light scattering application under investigation.

Improving jaw crusher safety

~ WEG products used to create innovative jaw crusher unblock system ~ According to the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance for the safe operation and use of mobile jaw crushers, equipment operators may be subject to multiple risks including exposure to dust, noise, whole body vibration and being struck by objects ejected from the crusher. […]


AUTHOR: Jean-François Chartrel, Bostik Engineering Adhesives Global Head of PD & TCS Sustainability is a big word, and a key driver for every manufacturing business. But sustainability means different things to different people. To some it means reducing the use of potentially harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process; to others, it means reducing the manufacturing time, and improving efficiency; to […]

The solution to the skills gap? Playing!

According to the Annual Manufacturing Report 2020, the UK manufacturing is now facing the largest shortage of skilled workers since 1989. The radical transformation in technologies has significantly boosted productivity, but it has also widened the skill gap. Here, Neil Bellinger, head of EMEA at automation part supplier EU Automation, discusses exciting technologies that could […]

Driving the transition to Agriculture 4.0

~ Robotics to keep farming efficient and productive ~ If the global population reaches ten billion by 2050, farmers across the globe will need to increase their product yield by 70 per cent. With resources depleting, a growing climate change crisis and labour shortages, many people are questioning if we are equipped to handle future […]

Monitor objects easily with ifm’s measuring light grids

The new OY51xx measuring light grids from ifm electronic provide a fast and convenient way of checking the size, orientation and even the shape of objects in intralogistics applications. Ideally suited for ensuring that objects are correctly positioned for safe transport on conveyor systems and for many other applications, the light grids provide high resolution […]

Advantech Delivers Stronger and Safer Edge AI Solutions in Partnership with Allxon and Its Latest Cybersecurity Features

Taipei, Taiwan, 12th October 2021 – Advantech, a leading IPC provider, has launched edge AI inference systems that meet rising demands for AI image recognition. As AI devices are widely deployed at the edge, remote management and information security at the cloud/edge remain key concerns. Advantech collaborated with Allxon on remote Edge-AI device management solutions […]

Upgrading building infrastructure using integrated software: Smart features for better building management

As the world becomes more connected, smart buildings are becoming more commonplace. Everything from security to utilities can now be integrated into a single interface, for improved efficiency and energy saving. This technology can be implemented in existing infrastructure to manage risks in a range of different buildings —it can even be used to improve […]

MagDev Acquired by Bunting

The acquisition of UK-based magnet and magnet assembly manufacturer MagDev Ltd by Bunting expands the range of magnetic solutions and technical expertise offered by the global magnetics group.  The extended product portfolio and additional magnet engineering knowledge confirms Bunting’s premier position in the European magnetics sector.

WEG releases safety features for VSDs whitepaper

~ VSDs can improve functional safety and efficiency ~ Production systems are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and this brings an increased need for safety. Leading automation manufacturer WEG has published a free whitepaper providing a straightforward guide to functional safety and how variable speed drives (VSDs) can be used to implement safety functions.

Easy recording of weather data

The new weather station from Phoenix Contact is now available. The pre-installed solution with PLCnext Control records the values of the wind speed, wind direction, temperature, irradiation, humidity, and amount of precipitation. This weather data can be used to determine the efficiency of a photovoltaic system, for example, so the system can respond immediately to […]

Divergent Technologies Accelerates Their Ramp in AM Capacity with the Purchase of 3 SLM NXG XII 600s

Divergent created an end-to-end digital manufacturing platform that incorporates AM for mass production of automotive components and structures. The 3 SLM NXG XII 600s will support the increasing production demand by major global auto manufacturers implementing the Divergent Adaptive Production System®. Increasing their NXG XII 600 install base to six, Divergent will single-handedly have the […]

Push-in connector for electronics housings

Phoenix Contact is extending the connection variety for ICS series electronics housings to include connectors with Push-in spring connection with a pitch of 3.5 mm. The new PCB connectors are designed for currents up to 8 A and voltages up to 300 V. They are available in 4- and 5-position versions. The coding element integrated […]