Fulton’s aftercare and business development manager Jeff Byrne takes a look at technical boiler house risk assessments, from their legalities to the potential savings that can be achieved.

It is strongly advised that all companies with a steam boiler have a technical risk assessment in place for its boilers and boiler house. It is required by law under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and is necessary to comply with the requirements of SAFed document BG01, HSE INDG 436 […]

TR launches new security fastener to protect medical equipment from criminals

 A new range of security fasteners has been launched to prevent offenders from stealing or tampering with equipment in hospitals and other medical centres. The innovative 5-Lobe pin from TR Fastenings is the first complete range of security fasteners made from corrosion-resistant A4-70 stainless steel – the preferred material for all applications across the health […]


While metal detectors are an integral first step in food safety, proper management with regular testing are vital to ensure optimum protection is achieved. To provide food manufacturers with a reliable, accurate and auditable testing procedure, Fortress Technology has unveiled the latest version of its Halo digital testing. Available on Fortress’ full range of digital […]


Industry 4.0 has led to new ways of working, changing how machines are monitored and maintained. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to rethink how they work, with office staff working remotely and engineers offering online support. It’s highlighted how remote access can keep a company in business and, in some circumstances, can be more […]

Improving Surveillance of Coastal Erosion

Resolve Optics reports on how ultra  large format lenses it has developed are helping a next generation aerial surveillance camera gain data on coastal erosion faster and in more detail. Coastal erosion is a main environmental concern which requires accurate aerial data. Aerial surveillance specialists – IMAO SAS have recently undertaken a photogrammetric survey in […]

Croft Filters – Quality custom industrial filters

Croft Filters are a leading UK manufacturer of over 34 year experience, specialising in the manufacture of high quality custom filtration solutions. The Company supplies a variety of diverse industrial sectors, including: Chemical, Food, Beverage, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical and Energy amongst others. Notably, Croft’s products are widely used among engineering firms operating within different […]

Make complex motion profiles simple with Physik Instrumente’s hexapods

Hexapods are becoming increasingly common for industrial applications, particularly for alignment and testing tasks that require rapid, simultaneous motion in multiple degrees of freedom. They offer a practical and user-friendly alternative to stacking individual stages together, which are more complicated to control and have inherently higher errors; each stage has its own errors, and these […]


EXL Chain is a new high precision Roller Chain with superior quality and durability being launched in the UK by Donghua Limited. Donghua EXL Roller Chain is a premium chain positioned within our Solution range. Utilising different materials, material treatments and layer technologies, our EXL Roller Chain offers the best possible quality/price ratio for all […]

Photonic alignment – can you really afford to avoid automation?

Silicon photonics requires precise alignment of individual components during manufacture to ensure correct functionality and maximum efficiency of the final product. This process typically entails aligning a fibre to a laser output, or a series of very small lenses and fibres to make up a device. Despite ever-increasing demand from the data communications sector, time-consuming […]

Flowmeter for Applications Requiring a High Degree of Cleanliness

The Metraflow ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises offers an ideal solution for flow monitoring applications requiring a high degree of cleanliness such as are found in the  pharmaceutical, medical, semiconductor and ultra-pure water markets. Typically production processes in these markets require flow measurement devices able to cope with low flow rates and construction from ultra-pure materials […]