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Engineering Update
September 2016
The September edition is here! Check out our main features on Sensors and Valves. Also within this issue is the latest in event and industry news.
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Tube & Bracket - Conveyor
Reduce staff injuries with process driven conveyor solutions
Conveyors make all the difference when moving heavy or difficult loads. Gravity conveyors include those with rollers, wheels or chutes where objects move by gravity or momentum, typically mounted on a slightly declined angle, using gravity to assist product movement. Staff no longer need to handle parts manually eliminating the risk of injury as product either slide into position (If horizontal) or gravity is left to do the work.
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Harmonic Drive AG High Precision Gears
CoBots lead the trend in robotics
The biggest trends in the robotics industry include collaborative robots (CoBots), a move towards high precision applications and the rise of the Internet of Robot Things (IoRT). Here, Richard Hurst, product manager at Harmonic Drive AG looks at the latest technological advancements, such as high precision gears, that are allowing these trends to move from the periphery of the industry into the mainstream.
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Precision control and recording for regulated industries
A growing number of global regulations are affecting temperature related processes and quality procedures, driving the need for more accurate measurement, precise control, and secure recording of validation data. For example, heat treaters...
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Ogle HQ
We recognise the power of our people here at Ogle, and it’s our people who fuel the Ogle Factor. So, we thought it was about time we introduced you to the department where ideas are brought to life: our model making team...
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Carlo Gavazzi
Carlo Gavazzi gains CCC Approval
Helping you enter the Asian market Due to a continuous increase in sales beyond Europe with the popular RSBT 45mm series of soft starts and to ensure we support our customers who export into the Asian market place we have now obtained CCC...
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Caption Data
New Universal Low Power RTU and Internet of Things Terminal
From within its compact & robust case the NanoULTRA™ packs a big punch! • Huge connectivity • World beating low power performance • On Board SD card “flight recorder” • Instant SmartHub access for Internet of Things!
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