August 2023

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Flow Meter Reliability Critical for On-line Analysers Servicing the Oil and Gas Industry

Titan Enterprises’ Oval Gear (OG) flow metershave been an intrinsic component within Icon Scientific’s on-line analysers for over 10 years.

Serving the oil and gas industries, Icon Scientific are a specialist designer and manufacturer of physical property on-line analysers used in refineries, crude oil processing, LNG, LPG and offshore applications. The real-time analysers are connected to a process and measure certain physical properties, such as colour, viscosity, distillation, flash point, vapour pressure, cold properties, etc.

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Bunting Sponsors REPM 2023

Bunting has signed up as a gold sponsor of REPM 2023, the 27th international workshop on rare earth and future permanent magnets and their applications (3-7 September, University of Birmingham, UK).  The biennial workshop is co-organised by SUSMAGPRO partner University of Birmingham and brings together scientists and engineers working on rare-earth permanent magnets and their applications.  The workshop and conference provide the platform to facilitate exchange of recent results and ideas on topics such as raw materials, resources, processing and properties of rare earth and future permanent magnets.

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Supercapacitors offered by Viking – Introducing the supplier and their remarkable range of products.

Because of the growing market of EVs and renewable energy systems, manufacturers increasingly often recognise the potential of high-capacitance capacitors, also called supercapacitors. Although those components still have not become a real alternative to battery cells, they have proven to be irreplaceable in a number of applications…

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The advantages of using fluorinated solvents for your vapour degreasing process

Fluorinated solvents, also known as fluorocarbon solvents, offer several advantages in various industrial and scientific applications, including being highly suited for vapour degreasing. Here are some of the key advantages of using fluorinated solvents:

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Hundreds of exhibitors are already confirmed for this year’s Engineering Design Show!

What’s new?

  • 75% of stand space already sold
  • Powell Electronics confirms headline sponsorship alongside Wurth Elektronik and Solid State Supplies
  • Dassault Systemes returns as gold lounge sponsor and sponsor for The Engineer conference and Eureka conference
  • Mouser Electronics confirm lanyard sponsorship
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