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Bringing Legacy Systems to Industry 4.0

Industrial automation is moving swiftly towards Industry 4.0.  Progressive companies in every sector are merging physical systems, distributed control systems, and virtual digital data into new kinds of cyber-physical systems. Among the technologies enabling this transition is OPC UA, providing secure real-time data communications to pull the pieces together.

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DK Holdings lifts off into 2024!

2024 marks an important year for DK Holdings Limited, a manufacturer of bespoke and off-the-shelf Diamond Tooling solutions and Precision Engineered Components. Not only is it the company’s 65th Anniversary, a milestone that will be celebrated thoroughly, but also one which sees the team attending several trade shows, starting with JEC WORLD in Paris.

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Optimised UV-Visible lens for crime scene investigation

The Model 228 lens from Resolve Optics has become an industry standard for Reflected Ultraviolet Imaging Systems (RUVIS) used to detect fingerprints or bloodstains undiscovered during an initial crime scene investigation.

Collection of evidence, after a crime has been committed, is essential to establish facts associated with the crime and identify potential suspects. Traditionally law enforcement officials have relied on their eyesight and evidence collection methods, such as lifting fingerprints with tape, which are prone to errors or omissions. These techniques are being replaced by crime scene investigators using RUVIS camera operating in the deep UV (320 – 400nm).

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Titan Enterprises Pushes Worldwide Flowmeter Sales Beyond Expectations

Liquid flow meter specialist Titan Enterprises, has achieved a 33% increase in sales revenue over the last 2 years. With momentum continuing across the 3 key regions – UK, Europe and the USA – Titan looks set to reach a similar level by the end of the 2023/24 fiscal year.

A UK-based manufacturer specialising in small-bore liquid flowmeters, Titan has developed an expansive network of distributors and partners around the world to extend its reach. With a strong market presence in Europe, America, Australia and East Asia, Titan is meeting the international demand for its quality flow meter products across key industries.

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ODU Connectors: Data Transmission with Fibre-Optics in Surgical Robotic Systems

Innovative surgical robotic systems are revolutionising precision and efficiency.

These sophisticated devices require reliable data transmission at tremendous speed and low latencies – only very special fibre-optic connections meet this high demand.

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The importance of corrosion protection for air conditioning units

Corrosion problems in air conditioning units can be caused by various factors including exposure to harsh environmental conditions like humidity, salt, pollutants, chemicals, and other airborne particles, poor maintenance, manufacturing defects or inferior materials, equipment ageing and general wear.

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Titan Enterprises’ NSF-Approved Flow Meter Best Value for Beverage Industry

Titan Enterprises maintains certification for their Beverage flow meters and 800 Series turbine flowmeters under NSF/ANSI 169 as equipment for food products. This accreditation is especially important for food and drink manufacturers, food production and handling machinery, and processing and dispensing, as these flow meters can be installed securely in the knowledge that they meet NSF standards. These NSF-Approved flowmeters, constructed from food-safe PVDF, are also used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries where end products are consumed.

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Benefits of Exhibiting for Fastener Distribution

As a customer focused, value driven distributor and manufacturer of fastening solutions Optimas must find a way of delivering our services led proposition to the market, we are not simply a distributor and that there are many layers to what we can do and offer. Industry exhibitions provide us with that opportunity.  

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ULMA supplies Eurilait with the perfect cheese packaging solution

Leading packaging machinery manufacturer, ULMA Packaging, has recently supplied Eurilait, a speciality dairy provider, with the ideal packaging solution. The FM305C, ULMA’s latest flow wrapping machine, proved to be the ideal fit for Eurilait’s diverse range of French and British cheeses.

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