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Optical Surfaces expands range of large diameter mirror mounts.

The OS series of large-diameter mirror mounts from Optical Surfaces Ltd. are proven to provide a secure platform for larger, high-precision flat, off-axis, and spherical mirrors in stability-critical applications. Manufactured in robust, black anodized aluminium, OS series mounts have traditionally been available in four standard sizes to accommodate mirrors up to 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 550mm diameter.

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Our 2024 Brochure now available – Advanced solutions for vapour degreasing, corrosion protection, metal cleaning and surface treatments

EnviroTech Europe are specialists in metal cleaning and corrosion protection solutions. We offer a range of approved products tailored to your industry, which are
cost effective, energy efficient, safe for operators and the environment.

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Eaton power inductors for automotive applications

Inductive components are the fundamental building blocks of switched-mode LED drivers. In fact, it is the quality and capability of the inductive solutions that determine in which areas semiconductor light sources will be commonly used in the future.

Eaton is known primarily as a supplier of industrial equipment and components, but its extensive portfolio also includes a wide range of specialist electronic components characterised by impressive parameters. Below, we present one of such products – power inductors designed for building electronic circuits for automotive applications.

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Titan Enterprises Continues to Break Ground in the Mining Industry

For over 25 years, Titan Enterprises’ Oval Gear flowmeters have been incorporated into heavy drilling and rock crushing machinery for use in the Mining and Aggregate industry. Due to their rugged design, these meters provide reliable performance in extreme conditions.

Initially working with JBC, Titan developed a bi-directional / dual flow Oval Gear flow meter that was fitted to drilling rigs in salt mines. These underground drill rigs are machines designated for drilling in the rock face as well as in concrete and ground. The relatively small flow measuring devices are incorporated into these vast machines to monitor the flow of oil and additives.

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5 Advanced Procurement Considerations When Comparing Distributors and Manufacturers

There are good reasons for OEMs and procurement professionals to acquire their parts directly from a manufacturer and there are scenarios in which it makes sense to contact a distributor. How do you determine whether or not to go direct or through a distributor? In many scenarios, this either/or decision is not in your best interest. Aiming for the best of both worlds, some choose a partner with its own in-house manufacturing that also specializes in distribution.

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The increasing importance of online product searches in a networked world – ODU Product Finder as an innovative solution

In recent years, the digital transformation has not only affected and changed the B2C market, but also the B2B sector. One of the most notable changes is the increasing importance of online product search engines.

Companies are increasingly looking for efficient and time-saving methods to find business partners and suppliers and to evaluate products and services.

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