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Staying power: wear protection solutions in Energy from Waste plants

Changing attitudes and regulations are making efficient, long-lasting operation more important than ever for Energy from Waste plants (EfW). Martin Trenk, Head engineer for Boiler coatings and EfW applications at Castolin Eutectic, explains.

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ODU Connectors – More Power, more Power!!!

With electrification on the rise, high-current and high-voltage are now fundamental requirements.

As electrification has increased, many existing connectors have been found wanting, creating a demand for connectors with larger contacts in order to transmit higher currents and higher voltages. Often these larger contacts have necessitated larger housings, creating a further problem.

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Titan Enterprises’ Ultrasonic Flow Meter Performs “Great” in Microgravity

Titan Enterprises’ flowmeters have been put through the wringer in various harsh environments, from high speed on an F1 racetrack, to deep mining and offshore oil rigs. Titan’s Process Atrato® ultrasonic flow meter is now taking a leap forward and proving to be ‘rock solid’ in tests within a totally unique environment – microgravity.

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Guardtech elevate rapid cleanroom offering as new era of Isopod takes shape

Suffolk-based cleanroom construction experts back up new website with a string of exciting developments for the quick-assembly brand

THE GUARDTECH GROUP are ushering in a new era of quick-assembly cleanroom excellence with a series of exciting developments regarding their Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms brand.

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SICK’s unique NOVA software platform delivers AI-powered, user-friendly machine vision

SICK is constantly expanding the capabilities of its unique NOVA platform, providing users with even more options for developing smart, scalable machine vision solutions.

A game-changing foundation software platform for configuring machine vision solutions, NOVA can run on a wide range of 2D and 3D vision sensors, creating countless potential applications for machine vision technology. The platform’s advanced AI functionality removes the need for complex manual setups by enabling users to teach through examples.

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