Precise metering of viscous fluid flows

Titan Enterprises OG Series oval gear flowmeters provide precise metering of viscous fluid flows at flow rates up to 500 litres/min, temperatures at up to 150C and pressures up to 700 bar.

Infrared Camera Shows ‘Invisible’ Vehicle Emissions

To raise awareness of the potentially fatal impacts of air pollution, a new video* from thermal imaging specialists FLIR Systems highlights how its GF Series Optical Gas Imaging cameras use IR technology to visually demonstrate vehicle emissions and the resulting air pollution issues.

Infrared Camera Shows ‘Invisible’ Vehicle Emissions

To raise awareness of the potentially fatal impacts of air pollution, a new video* from thermal imaging specialists FLIR Systems highlights how its GF Series Optical Gas Imaging cameras use IR technology to visually demonstrate vehicle emissions and the resulting air pollution issues.

MEP talks robot responsibility in Cranfield visit

2017-02-Cranfield - Alex Mayer MEP visiting Intelligent Automation laboratory - teaser - red - 01

Alex Mayer MEP East of England visited Cranfield University today to tap into the university’s expertise in autonomous systems and their safe integration with humans ahead of a European Parliament vote this month.

The legal status of robots is under review.

Looking for a compact low cost linear positioning stage? LG Motion has the answer with XSlide™

Motion control specialist LG Motion can offer a compact low cost linear positioning stage with a manual or motorised drive.


EventCity Show Gives Young People ‘Choices’

Engineering Students Meet Employers at Annual Engineering Fair

Today’s event, which hosted a number of big industry names, gave students the opportunity to land a job or apprenticeship of their dreams.

The Engineering Fair takes place annually at Lincoln College and is a chance for local engineering firms to meet students and make them aware of any vacancies or opportunities that are available.

SICK Unveils a “Snapshot” of the Future at Machine Vision Conference

The SICK SIM4000 and the PicoCam and midiCam two on show at the Machine Vision Conference

SICK UK will be revealing standout developments to its machine vision and imaging capabilities at the first UKIVA Machine Vision Conference on 27 April in Milton Keynes set to open new doors for Industry 4.0-ready manufacturing and logistics.

The show will be the first time in the UK that vision specialists, system integrators and end-users will have an opportunity to experience at first hand, through interactive exhibits, key advances in user-programmability and ‘snapshot’ 3D Vision as part of SICK’s comprehensive 2D and 3D vision portfolio.

MiniTec purpose built trolleys help a turbo shaft manufacturer improve operational efficiency

The art of improving operational efficiency and helping to make processes more “Lean” are key challenges for manufacturing operations today.

Efficient movement of parts between ops

A well-known international manufacturer of Turbo systems has a manufacturing operation in Bradford where turbo shafts are manufactured using multiple machining operations carried out on different machines.

LG Motion offers safe motion control solutions for the animation and film industry

Based in Basingstoke, LG Motion Ltd design, develop and manufacture motion control technology components and systems to meet the exacting requirements a wide range of applications.

The film and animation industry

Ensuring the safe deployment and operation of expensive film equipment on the set and in the studio is an absolute must today. The extensive use of animation and graphic techniques in the design and production of films puts very high demands on the performance of motion control products used in the process. Above all, the equipment must ensure safe operation for all involved in the process.

TE Connectivity’s Flexstrip Is a Low-Cost, Reliable PCB Jumper Connector Solution


DARMSTADT, Germany – February 21, 2017 – TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, is offering Flexstrip jumpers to provide multi-conductor board-to-board connections that can be flexed repeatedly without failure. They provide a high-performance alternative to conventional point-to-point wiring.

Flexstrip jumpers are suitable for a wide range of applications, including computers, handheld terminals, barcode readers, printers, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial machinery, and household appliances.

Systems integrator selection: How to pick the right one for your automation project

Image 1

In the UK, there are many companies that specialise in automation projects. Some design and provide the technology, components or sub systems – these are usually called OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Others provide the full turnkey applications. Then there are system integrators – people or companies – that are specialists in crafting solutions, overseeing the engineering of automated systems, ensuring all the elements on a manufacturing and packing line work harmoniously together to optimise productivity, reduce waste and address rising manufacturing labour costs.

Report launch: Engineering UK 2017: State of Engineering #EngUK17

The Engineering UK 2017: The State of Engineering report launched today with a joint letter from Malcolm Brinded (Chair of EngineeringUK) and Professor Dame Ann Dowling (President of the Royal Academy of Engineering):



J D Neuhaus (JDN) will use the forthcoming LogiMAT exhibition (Stuttgart, Germany 14-16 March) to present visitors with examples from their extensive range of materials handling equipment. Among the highlights on stand 9C51 in hall 9 will be a light crane system, being shown for the first time, along with a Mini 250 hoist. A team of JDN experts will be on hand to discuss any specific questions from visitors regarding their materials handling requirements.

Applied Motion Products stepSERVO™ now available with EtherCAT®: Innovative new servomotor technology expands further


AMP (Applied Motion Products Inc.) has launched EtherCAT® communications versions of its innovative StepSERVO™ closed loop stepper technology products. Available with full support from Mclennan, AMP’s

European distribution partner, the range covers three EtherCAT network intelligent drives with continuous output current of 3, 5 and 10 Amps together with 14 matched StepSERVO stepper motors from NEMA size 11 to 34. This combination offers automation systems and machine builders an unprecedented range of high performance intelligent drives with greater torque, acceleration, and throughput than traditional step motor systems and also enables highly precise axis synchronisation through EtherCAT – the leading real-time communications network for industrial Ethernet.

TE Connectivity Thermoplastic Docking Frame Assures Alignment for Heavy Duty Connectors


DARMSTADT, Germany – February 7, 2017 – TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, is launching the HDC Thermoplastic Docking Frame for the company’s HMN series of heavy duty connector (HDC) inserts. It enables blind mating of the inserts in drawers, allowing the connectors to guide themselves into the correct mating positions in environments where direct visibility or access is limited. No tools are needed to unlock the modules either. Applications include motor control centers, medium voltage switchgear, and power rack systems in such areas as energy storage.

Retrofitting production line machinery with HARTING’s MICA ‘open source’ industrial mini-computer extends lifetime, improves process efficiencies, saves cost

HARTING MICA retrofit injection moulding

Central machine monitoring and process optimisation is the best way to ensure that production lines and their associated constituent part machinery operate more effectively and economically.  Many machines in well-established production lines, which may be between 15 and 30 years old, can still perform their main functional tasks successfully, however they do so much less efficiently than their modern day counterparts.  For example, they don’t have the same level of computing power, enough memory capacity to record and store the relevant data, or ability to communicate with their modern equivalents.  In many cases, these machines also use data formats and protocols from the 80s and 90s, which are no longer used by today’s PLCs and industrial PCs.


Steve Schofield

In August 2018 the WEEE2 Directive (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) will come into force in the UK.  Under the existing WEEE Directive, pumps (other than garden pumps) have NOT been included within scope.  However, this first revision of the Directive has now brought into play many products that were previously out of scope, including pumps.