Engineered to meet the highest demands

Engineered to meet the highest demands: HARTING’s Han® HMC connector is designed for new production concepts in industry and boasts outstanding flexibility without wear at high mating cycles.

The demands placed on production systems in industrial environments are growing in the wake of an ever increasing number of product variants and individualisation. The challenges include extensive product range, smaller production lots and shorter production times.

An example of this is the automotive industry. While car manufacturers in years past could satisfy the market with relatively few models, today we are experiencing completely new vehicle classes being offered in order to meet customer preferences for more individualised products. The market has broadened, while ever smaller consumer groups are seeing their specific purchase and utilisation needs attended to.

However, this causes far-reaching changes in industrial production, which becomes more flexible but cannot allow costs to rise. This results in new system and plant concepts, in particular the installation of modularly built machines and manufacturing plants with ever more frequent change-over processes and tool changes that are increasingly taking place automatically. This means that the electrical interfaces must be more frequently plugged in and disconnected while avoiding subjecting them to significant wear processes. Applications in the measurement and testing technology fields present similar requirements, where each test step is accompanied by a mating cycle. Furthermore, mobile machines and equipment are typical applications where electrical connections must be plugged in daily or repeatedly disconnected. In addition to the industrial environment, medical technology is a well-known application area for such mobile devices.

In order to be able to reliably perform such frequent plugging and unplugging in applications over a long period of time, the affected equipment, machines and systems require equally durable, flexible and robust interfaces that ensure the reliable transmission of power, data and signals even under frequent plugging-in and disconnection. For these areas of application, HARTING Technology Group developed the Han® HMC connector series. This series belongs to the Han® family of industrial connectors, which has proven itself millions of times due to features such as robustness, reliability, durability, ease of use and flexibility. The connector means that the Han® family will now also be used in applications requiring a capacity of more than 10,000 mating cycles.