Slimline Holder design, ensuring correct rupture disc performance within confined installations

Slimline holder enhances Elfab’s product offering, making upgrading hassle-free

Elfab Ltd, a market leader within the pressure management field, are now offering a new and improved slimline holder design, to better suit unique customer installation requirements.

With over 80 years’ experience in the pressure field, Elfab are pleased to announce it has expanded its range to allow for prospective customers to easily upgrade to Elfab supply without having to go to the expense and complexity of having to change pipework.

Elfab understand that within certain plant operations and process conditions, limited installation space can be an underlying issue, hence the offering of Slimline Holder configurations (minimum face to face 22mm) preconfigured to work with its industry-leading non-invasive detection system, Flo-Tel+™. Unlike traditional membrane-type detection, Flo-Tel+ is non-invasive to the process, eliminating false alarms associated with other detection systems. Once burst, the disc is the only element that needs replacing, excluding re-wiring costs and maintenance planning.

These new holders will now allow customers to benefit from technical-superior bursting disc performance with industry best lead times.