Some sub contractors still use DOS based production management software to manage shop floor manufacturing and assembly. As this platform is no longer supported, it has become increasingly difficult to rely upon its continued use. This was  the situation faced by Williams & Oakey, and now having made the successful transition to Windows based PSL Datatrack production management and business administration software, the company has been delighted with the results.

Williams & Oakey’s Materials & IT Manager Martin Presley says, “We had become too comfortable with the old DOS system and there were inherent risks in trying to continue. We had a presentation from PSL Datatrack and also visited an existing customer. That convinced us to go with PSL. Their software is flexible, modular and it would be easily adaptable to our specific business model.”

Williams & Oakey supplies high quality machined parts and fabrications to customers in many  industries. The emphasis has been on offering a one stop shop, engaged not only in precision CNC machining, but also pre-treatment and finishing. Quality standards are essential and with its ISO9001 accreditation, the company provides its services to many companies where traceability is a prerequisite.

Controlling the processes through the factory had always been undertaken using the bespoke DOS system. Having worked with it for many years, there were worries about the transition to the Windows based PSL Datatrack system including the potential loss of manufacturing data, but making the leap of faith was the right decision.

Williams & Oakey took advantage of the modularity of PSL Datatrack software and invested initially in the core modules under a single user licence. Supported by PSL Datatrack, Martin trained in-house all the company’s shop floor and office staff on how to use the software. Today, there are two Datatrack stations where operators clock in and out as well as log all the required information about every order that passes through – essential for traceability.

Following the initial success, Williams & Oakey added extra modues and user licences to give more access to staff and even closer control of the engineering process. There are also plans to continue to expand on what PSL Datatrack can offer, such as setting up a complete database of customer engineering drawings under document management.

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