New Universal Low Power RTU and Internet of Things Terminal


From within its compact & robust case the NanoULTRA™ packs a big punch!

  • Huge connectivity
  • World beating low power performance
  • On Board SD card “flight recorder”
  • Instant SmartHub access for Internet of Things!

Universal connectivity of this RTU includes

  • 4 Instrument grade Analogue inputs … Upgradeable to 12 Analogues
  • 5 Gain ranges for the analogue inputs, selectable via the CDL SmartHub
  • 4 Digital in AND 4 Digital out channels, optically isolated
  • CANbus
  • Modbus
  • GPS
  • On Board SD card
  • Serial, I2c, SPI
  • Full FOTA [firmware over the air] to both the modem and the micro-controller
  • GSM [ and  options for WiFi and other comms]
  • Power up and see your device instantly on-line with the CDL SmartHub
  • All the functionality of the CDL SmartHub included as standard
    • Geolocation map dashboards
    • QR code quick access
    • Dynamic charting with zoom/pan and cut and past
    • Hi and low alarm on all parameters with unlimited alarm recipients
    • Heartbeat report as well as detailed data
    • Multi language, multi time zone – at a click
    • Data export .csv
    • No software to load
    • Any browser, any device
    • Further tools also available, eg
      • 3D virtual smart Building graphics running on real time data
      • Customised dashboards with KPI and ROI

Low Power RTU

Over 4 years battery life is possible due to its world beating low power consumption. This is based on writing to the SD card 1/sec and reporting to the CDL SmartHub 1/hour so it’s a genuine real world battery life. What makes this possible is the quiescent state power consumption of less than 150 microamps!

Application Areas for the NanoULTRA Universal Low Power RTU

Some of the application areas for the NanoUltra RTU include

 CDL SmartHub


From the moment you power up the NanoULTRA you can manage everything from the SmartHub portal. Your unit will instantly appear on line, and using the intuitive SmartHub  you can set configurations, gain ranges, alarm settings, sampling and reporting frequencies, etc. Explore the great graphics, viewing trends, and cut and paste into reports. You can do this from any internet enabled device, via any browser without loading any software.

Testing Evaluation and support

Caption Data staff will help at every stage throughout the selection and testing process to ensure the best outcome for your trials. To see how easy it is to connect up your first NanoULTRA see this step by step guide. Why not give us a call to discuss your application?


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