Reduce staff injuries with process driven conveyor solutions

Conveyors make all the difference when moving heavy or difficult loads.   Gravity conveyors include those with rollers, wheels or chutes where objects move by gravity or momentum, typically mounted on a slightly declined angle, using gravity to assist product movement. Staff no longer need to handle parts manually eliminating the risk of injury as product either slide into position (If horizontal) or gravity is left to do the work.

The  journey is mapped out, so that parts never go astray and assembly is always done in the right order. This eliminates the risk of items being picked up and replaced in the wrong destination.

ConveyorsWorkstations connected by conveyors make the process very easy to understand and designates a clear order for staff to follow. Mistakes will be identified quickly, saving valuable production time and increasing productivity.

We design and install bespoke conveyor systems equipped to support specific processes and to maximise efficiency in the available floor space.  Our systems are built with modular components meaning solutions can be devised, created and reconfigured quickly and easily whenever requirements evolve or improvements are identified.  For more information contact [email protected] or 01295 277791.


Conveyor at Cummins, before & after.