Martindale Electric continues to lead the way in safe isolation with the addition of new professional electrical locking off devices and kits for miniature circuit breakers and fuse holders.

The new lockouts, provide simple and reliable solutions to ensure circuits have been de-energised and properly isolated prior to maintenance and modifications of plant and equipment, in accordance with HSG85, the Electricity at Work Regulations.

The new LOKKIT6 includes everything needed to lock off and label Red Spot or similar fuse holders as part of a safe isolation procedure. The kit includes the LOK6 universal fuse carrier lock off, a TAG4 warning tag and marker pen, plus a PAD10R padlock. The LOK6 is designed to restrict finger access to live contacts and prevent the reinsertion of a fuse whilst maintenance is in progress. It’s easily adjustable to fit fuse holders from 20A to 100A, providing a ‘’one size fits all solution’’ that’s always to hand.

Martindale has also extended its range of circuit breaker locking off devices.  In addition to the comprehensive LOKKIT1 which includes 7 different locking off devices suitable for use on most MCBs, fuse carriers and main switches, Martindale have introduced the extra slim-line LOK7 for those specialist applications where space is really limited and conventional locking off devices won’t fit.  The new design solves the problem of locking off RCBOs with a prominent test button and applications where access to the breaker has been restricted to prevent accidental disconnection. The LOK7 can be used with the full range of Martindale padlocks and hazard warning tags for safe isolation.

Locking off the circuit correctly is just one part of the procedure. Before carrying out any work on the circuit, it’s essential to verify that the circuit is definitely dead before proceeding. This requires a dedicated voltage indicator and a proving unit. To simplify the whole safe isolation process, Martindale Electric has released a safe isolation video and VIPDLOK kits which include everything needed to implement an effective procedure, stay safe and ensure compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations.

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