Arco prioritises customer comfort with new ‘Comfort Light’ glove range

Arco, one of the UK’s leading safety companies and supplier of safety equipment and workwear, has designed a new range of gloves which are functional, protective and comfortable. The new range prioritises wearer comfort and satisfaction through ergonomic design and elasticated fabric properties.

The range features a selection of gloves suitable for a variety of applications, which have been manufactured from the thinnest, most lightweight yarns. All gloves in the range offer the high level of abrasion resistance, providing improved grip for the wearer, a fluid repellent liner treatment that ensures worker’s hands are kept dry. Spandex has also been used within the design to ensure a better fit and allow worker’s hands the freedom to move.

Arco Comfort Light Grip Foam
Ideal for applications such as assembly work, general maintenance, goods picking and packing, this gloves features a foam nitrile coating with nitrile dots for increased grip and durability.

Arco Comfort Light Foam
Designed to provide exceptional grip for workers in oily environments. Other features include the foam nitrile coating, which is breathable and keeps the wearer’s hands cool throughout the day.

Arco Comfort 15g PU
This tough working glove includes a lightweight liner coated with PU: that provides good abrasion resistance whilst retaining flexibility. This glove is ideal for handling intricate tasks, such as light engineering or small parts assembly.

Arco Comfort Light Latex
This glove is lightweight, fluid repellent, abrasion resistant and breathable. The lightweight, pliable material provides excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. This glove is ideal when a more robust level of protection is required, such as when working in construction, engineering or manufacturing environments.

EN Standards
Arco stays informed and up to date with current regulations for hand protection, so customers can rest assured they are in safe hands.  Each glove in the new Comfort Light Range has been tested and approved to meet EN 388:2003 Standard, which assesses glove’s ability to protect against mechanical hazards. The Standard includes a series of four tests which measure the glove’s resistance to abrasion, cutting, tearing and puncture.

Tim Emmerson, Product and Procurement Manager for Gloves at Arco, explains: “Hand injuries can seriously impact a workers’ quality of life and their ability to work. The key to keeping hands safe at work is not just the appropriate level of protection, but also comfort. If gloves are too heavy, rigid or bulky they might cause the wearer’s hands to sweat more, cramp or grow tired quickly and this raises non-compliance issues. If safety gloves are uncomfortable, workers may be tempted to remove them, eradicating hand protection altogether.

“In response to end-user research, we have launched the new Arco Comfort Light Range that offers the wearer protection whilst retaining both comfort and functionality.”

Arco has created an interactive product leaflet including all product information and EN Standards. The product leaflet can be found online and is easily accessible for customers to use. For further information about the Arco Comfort Light Range, customers can call their local Arco sales office or visit


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