Matrox Design Assistant 5: More straightforward than ever

Matrox Design Assistant 5 brings vision application development to a whole new level with enhanced functionality that improves the developer experience and makes design more intuitive and straightforward than ever. Latest Version of Matrox Design Assistant Simplifies the User Experience and Adds a Unique OCR Tool.

The fifth release of Matrox Design Assistant features a more image-centric approach to project configuration, whereby measurements are set up directly on the image itself, rather than through configuration panes. The update further streamlines flowchart creation by allowing the logic for specific events and actions to be placed in separate sub-flowcharts, decluttering the main flowchart. A newly added ready-to-go communication structure simplifies the interface between the vision system and a programmable logic/automation controller.

Design Assistant 5 adds support for persistent recipes, which makes it possible to create a single flowchart for inspecting similar part types that can be modified or added to by the vision system designer and an operator. A project specific operator interface can now be accessed from any HTML5-based web browser, enabling greater access, not just from PCs, but also from tablets or smart phones as well.

“This new version of Design Assistant is designed with the user in mind. The simplified workflow will not only increase productivity, it will also make vision altogether more accessible for inspection and guidance in electronics assembly, food and beverage production, medical device manufacturing, logistics, automotive manufacturing, consumer products production, pharmaceutical production or semiconductor fabrication.” said Fabio Perelli, product manager at Matrox.

Matrox Design Assistant 5 also integrates Matrox’s SureDotOCR™ technology for reading challenging dot-matrix text as produced in practice by industrial inkjet printers. This new flowchart step handles distorted and rotated text, on uneven backgrounds and under non-uniform illumination.

Development using Matrox Design Assistant 5 is done on a PC running 64-bit Windows®. Resulting projects can be deployed on a Matrox Iris GTR smart camera, Matrox 4Sight GPm vision controller, or any PC with a GigE Vision® or USB3 Vision™ camera.

Watch the Design Assistant 5 Video!