EMKA PROflex Inspection Windows

EMKA PROflex 1210 program inspection windows offer a simple and aesthetic way of protecting infrequently accessed equipment such as meters, reset buttons, indicators/lamps and instruments as used on fire alarm and suppression systems or engineering controls. Typical usage may be seen in the gas industry for flare control and monitoring panels as used with gas analysers, telemetry panels, gas boosters and purging equipment.

1210 program aluminium windows provide visual observation while enabling rapid access when required – and ensuring protection against accidental operation or tampering. The 1210 program comes in self-assembly DIY format or fully glazed and assembled and is available in two formats – with 30mm depth frame for deeper items – up to 47mm – and without depth frame to cover shallow instruments or screens – up to 18mm.

DIY assembly greatly reduces volume of the package while allowing the customer to glaze as they wish. Fully assembled units are supplied with acrylic, polycarbonate or Alucabond – an aluminium/plastic/aluminium bonded sandwich for use as an operating panel which allows access behind front mounted equipment.

Standard profile locks, inserts and wing knobs ensure appropriate access and security levels in industrial or more office-like environments. Dimensions up to 2000x1000mm may be accommodated.

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