Nordson EFD 781 Mini Spray Valve

Exceptionally Spray Control, uniform spray patterns 0.04” wide in 60% Smaller Form Factor

  • The 781Mini Series Low Volume, Low Pressure (LVLP) spray valve features an improved design for smaller, more uniform spray patterns and dispensing capabilities in complex, tighter spaces.
  • It allows Consistent area coverage as small as 1 mm (0.04”) wide.
  • Modular, high configurable design
  • It features Quick Release (QR) clasp for fast servicing and minimal downtime and a 360° rotational fluid body that provides flexible positioning for faster setup.
  • The enhanced spray nozzle design allows it to direct nozzle air pressure with greater accuracy for improved spray pattern uniformity and edge definition.
  • Ideal for applications of low-to-medium viscosity fluids in a broad range of industries, including mobile devices and wearables (display applications), electronics, and life sciences.


“The 781Mini is lighter and smaller with enhanced performance capabilities,” said Claude Bergeron, Global Product Line Manager – Valves. “These features provide considerable advantages to our customers. The ability to spray more uniform micro spray patterns as narrow at 1 mm wide onto miniaturized parts with exceptional consistency and repeatability, and nearly zero overspray, reduces rework and rejects while improving throughput yields for better profit margins.”

“Other innovative features such as the QR clasp and modular design are an added bonus,” Bergeron added.

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