Now available from HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is the new GEN2tB portable measuring module, designed for high-speed measuring technology with sampling rates of up to 250 MS/s.

Featuring a modular design, the GEN2tB Data Acquisition System is suitable for use as an entry level model, but can also be used as a high-end transient recorder – or even in mixed applications.  Furthermore, the device has 2 slots, making it a cost-effective choice for small channel counts.

Compact in size, yet powerful in use, the new GEN2tB system is suitable for both mobile and stationary use and can also be expanded to accommodate up to 12 voltage (or current) channels, 16 high-speed sensor channels (e.g., strain gauges or accelerometers up to 500 kS/s per channel), or up to 24 channels of fibre optic digitisers, or any mix of these.

The Genesis Data Acquisition System also includes free Perception standard software, which enables the secure streaming of very large amounts of data, at a speed of up to 200 MB/s on the hard disc.  This unique software allows users to access saved data, even during running measurements whilst recording continues in the background.

Genesis HighSpeed from HBM is the modular platform for fast measurements of electrical and mechanical parameters.  Featuring modular architecture, it is equipped for any high-speed measurement task.  Typical applications include the testing of electrical networks (eGrids), electrical drive trains (eDrive), as well as ultra-fast mechanical testing and electrical transient detection.

The Genesis HighSpeed range of Transient Recorders and Data Acquisition Systems from HBM share the highest sample rates and mid to high channel counts.  Based on modular platforms, all models can be configured to the need of the application, be it a single channel or a thousand.  All systems in the Genesis HighSpeed range from HBM are available out-of-the-box and are ready to use immediately.

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