Introducing the next generation in filling and closing technology: the CWM 240i.

CWM Automation’s latest innovation is designed for pot filling and sealing, providing higher speeds and up to 30% more control than a traditional inline machine.

CWM Automation’s goal is to exceed customer’s expectations in quality, delivery and performance. Each of our machines are designed and built in-house at our site in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Specialists in providing filling, heat sealing and lidding machinery, as well as end-of-line solutions, we target a wide range of industries including dairy, convenience foods, pharmaceuticals and many more.

Key Features of the 240i Machine

Built around Rockwell Automation’s iTrak technology, the electromagnetic modules combine continuous motion and dwelling on the same frame bed. The 240i machine is designed to have 14 moveable slats in groups of 2. Made up of intelligent conveyers, each slat movement on the 240i Machine can be recorded for data analysis, giving you a full insight into how effectively your machine is working. On a standard 4-lane machine, the 240i can fill up to 240 cups per minute.

Due to the flexibility of the 240i, slat changeovers can be completed quickly for different sized pots and packaging formats, without causing any unnecessary machine down-time. Additionally, all operations are servo-driven, allowing for quicker and easier changeovers.

Hygiene is a top priority when it comes to the 240i: hygienic lines are maintained throughout the process to achieve 3A standards.

CWM Automation’s Managing Director, Mick Williams discusses the 240i machine’s main benefits: “The 240i combines the flexibility of constant motion for filling and sealing and dwell for cup dispensing and ejecting. This combination gives the ultimate control for filling liquid products at speeds normally restricted by the moving of the filled cups. A 4-lane i-Machine has an output of 240 cups/minute compared to a standard linear machine output of around 120 to 140/min. It also gives the flexibility of quick change overs between packaging sizes due to its innovative design.”

The 240i can be manufactured in larger versions, with more lanes to allow for even more pot fills per minute. Offering a shorter footprint than a standard linear machine, yet allowing for a greater output capacity, the 240i can significantly boost production efficiency. In fact, payback is approximately 23% faster on the 240i, based on the machine being 75% faster than the aforementioned linear machinery.