Offering the Right Connection

Founded in 1916, Dixon is a premier manufacture and supplier of hose couplings, made to order hose assemblies, valves, manifolds, dry-disconnects, flame arresters, vents, bespoke fittings and other fluid transfer and control products. The company’s global reach includes a wide range of products for numerous industries, including petroleum exploration, refining, transportation, chemical processing, food & beverage, steel, fire protection, construction, mining and manufacturing.

At Dixon Europe based in Preston, Lancashire, we specialise in the support of bespoke engineered solutions from concept and design through to manufacture and delivery. Dixon’s ISO 9001 approved onsite manufacturing and engineering facilities means that new designs, animations and provide 3D modelling can be produced to support our customers coupled with a quality assurance underpinned by international standards and certifications.

One of Dixon’s newest product developments is a loading arm which can be configured and built to a customer’s specification. Dixon’s loading arms are engineered for long life performance as well as ease of use in the field and can be used to overcome some of the typical issues and complications faced in the transfer of liquids.

The design of the Dixon loading arm incorporates an additional safety factor by having a steel housing for the Counterbalance torsion spring rather than the conventional plastic housing for better durability and long life performance. The unique counterbalance adjustment mechanism allows the torsion spring to be safely adjusted easily and quickly without having to remove the housing.

While not intended for adjustment under load the Dixon design allows for this once the weight of the arm is supported by simply turning the adjustment bolt to increase or reduce the tension on the spring.

Dixon products can be relied upon, as quality control starts at the innovative design stage, and is further supported with technologically advanced engineering and manufacturing processes. Dixon will not compromise on high quality control, utilising assurance standards and inspection procedures at each critical step of the production process

Dixon has been building a credible reputation for over 100years, demonstrating that it’s a responsible manufacturer producing and supplying safe, reliable and long lasting products. Open communication with customers and following through with solutions strengthens trust as a supplier of both current and future products.

Looking forward to 2020 Dixon Europe are driven to provide ‘the right connection’ in meeting specific hose and coupling requirements across all industries. Their strength in service, technical support, training and advice ensure the correct specification of bespoke hose assemblies and couplings.

To find out more about how Dixon can help you and the Dixon range head to or contact our customer sales department on 01772 323529