Chell Introduce Three New Products for On-Engine and In-Flight Testing  

Chell Instruments have launched three new products, designed to meet the increasing requirements for ‘in-flight’ testing of aircraft gas turbine engines.

Able to withstand extremely harsh environments and high altitudes, the new FlightDAQ-TL, Q-DAQ and FlightDAQ3, give class-leading performance for on-engine testing, with new features including DDS data protocol. 

For nearly 40 years, Chell has been creating bespoke solutions for measuring various parameters during the development of aircraft engines. The new products further enhance their capability to operate ‘on-engine’ and ‘in-flight’ during tests.

The first new product is the FlightDAQ-TL, a highly configurable electrical scanner for PRT’s, thermocouples and external transducers. “The New FlightDAQ-TL is a complimentary product to our existing line of FlightDAQ pressure measuring equipment. The FlightDaq-TL is highly configurable and can measure RTD’s, thermocouples, ratio-metric and amplified pressure transducers (using the in-built excitation supplies) or simply a voltage, current or resistance signal.

It’s designed for on-engine as well as airframe applications and as such is tested to the D0160G vibration and shock standards,” said Nick Broadley, Managing Director at Chell.

The second new product is the Q-DAQ which is a miniature pressure scanner with a SQDC interface. It features 16 sensors which can be configured as absolute or differential (differential by nominating a channel as a reference). It also features an in-built heater to deal with the temperatures involved during flight testing. The Q-DAQ will out compensate pressure data (from -55°C to 90°C ) over Ethernet, IENA and CAN.

The final new product is the FlightDAQ3. This is the latest development of our successful FlightDAQ range which gives 32 or 64 channels of high accuracy pressure measurement in a heated enclosure. The FlightDaq 3 now offers outputs of Ethernet, IENA and DDS.

Chell’s range of pressure technologies provide users with peace of mind they’re receiving the data they need to make the correct decisions to optimise the efficiency and reliability of engines.

For more information on the FlightDAQ-TL, Q-DAQ, FlightDAQ3 and other Chell instruments, please visit or contact Chell on 01692 500555.

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