Telsonic Ultrasonics Tick The Box For Automotive Moulding Assembly

The reputation of Telsonic’s ultrasonic technology within the UK automotive supplier base is such that it is widely accepted the joining process of choice for a growing number of automotive component manufacturers.  The precise control, and resultant consistency in the process, makes it the ideal solution for joining and welding a wide range of polymer types and component variants.

The latest automotive components to benefit from Telsonic’s ultrasonic welding process is a large 2 piece moulding used to locate the spare wheel and jack for a recently introduced new SUV model.

The component being assembled within this machine is a large profiled Polypropylene “Box” moulding, 700mm square in overall size, which requires a 250mm centre spigot to be securely joined to the main moulding. This is achieved within a compact stand-alone system incorporating a Telsonic MAG2012E/SE2012 system that powers the titanium mother / 4 daughter sonotrode arrangement. A bespoke long stroke actuator, complete with integrated cooling, is used to present the sonotrodes to the components which are accurately located on profiled fixtures on the machine table.

In addition to the ultrasonic welding process, the machine also checks for the presence of 13 individual black felt pieces, ensuring that these and the mouldings are all present before the weld cycle can be initiated. The machine is ergonomically designed to allow the operator to easily load and unload components, and the operator is also protected by light-guards during these operations. With the parts sensed as present, welding operations completed, and weld monitoring deemed good, a barcode label is automatically printed and subsequently attached to the moulding by the operator. The presence of the barcode label is then verified before the clamps are released allowing the operator to remove the finished part from the machine.

Telsonic’s reputation for delivering robust and reliable ultrasonic welding and joining systems to the Automotive sector, together with the company’s pro-active approach throughout the product development programme and their expertise in plastics joining, were key factors in Telsonic being awarded the business.

Telsonic UK offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic modules and systems for a variety of plastic and metal welding, cutting, sealing, cut’n’seal, food cutting and cleaning applications within a wide range of industries.

More information on Telsonic products and systems for plastic welding can be found here.

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