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British Encoder Products (BEPC) is the European branch of the Encoder Products Group, a worldwide manufacturer of motion sensing and control devices. As a customer driven company, BEPC is highly responsive in the areas of customer service and technical support, with an acute focus on high performance, excellent delivery and competitive pricing.  These values work together to ensure BEPC provides products and services of the highest quality to guarantee great value for money for every customer.  Indeed, BEPC prides itself on building long-lasting relationships, a principle which has facilitated the company’s impressive growth since its inception.

Established in 1969 by Bill Watt, the Encoder Products Group celebrated its 50th anniversary last year.  In the sixties, our founder Bill Watts invented an encoder to provide an output to feed directly into the growing number of counters and PLCs which were being used at the time.  His invention, the ‘cube encoder’, revolutionised the encoder world and is now an industry standard.

In addition to their wide selection of incremental and programmable encoders BEPC has recently released its new range of absolute encoders which provide a unique code for each increment of shaft rotation. This means that the encoder indicates both that the shaft position has changed, and the absolute position of the shaft. Now available with up to 16 bits for single turn resolution and 43 bits for multi-turn resolution, our encoders can measure with greater resolutions and have a longer run-time before reset.

This range is ideal for systems which need exact position information in order to prevent damage to machinery and its operators.  This is also particularly valuable during power loss when the absolute encoder will maintain its value without being powered so any movement during the loss of power is tracked and retained for immediate transmission once power is restored.

Indeed, BEPC is cementing its status as an industry leader offering unparalleled expertise in the development of ground-breaking encoders for all sectors of automation, ensuring they stay ahead of the game to address the industry’s constant progression.

This year BEPC will be showcase its full range of products at the Drives & Control  held at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham on the 21-23 April 2020 where you can meet the team behind and check out their products and services,

Or alternatively you can head to their website or get in touch using the contact details below:

T 01978 262100

[email protected]


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