When machine builders are looking for a range of variable speed drives to ensure an easy, problem-free connection to a preferred Ethernet or Fieldbus network, YASKAWA GA500 & 700 Variable Speed Drives offer the highest standards of performance. In many control applications today there is a growing appetite for data-rich connectivity with all major industrial networks as part of the drive toward the Industrial IoT and Yaskawa is helping to satisfy this demand.

From drive selection, through design, installation, start-up, or trouble shooting, the design brief for GA500 and GA700 Drives has been clearly focused on making life easier. These AC Micro-drives have been developed for the widest range of industrial applications which combine valuable functions and features to provide important benefits through the whole life-cycle of a machine or installation.

With 100 years of experience in driving electric motors and over 27 million produced AC drives, Yaskawa’s pedigree is unmatched in developing products which combine technical superiority with easy handling. The latest GA Series of Variable Speed Drives are compact in size, incredibly flexible in terms of connectivity and designed to handle nearly any application enabling users to run any motor type from 0.2 up to 315Kw.

The key features and benefits include; integrated EMC filters, embedded dual channel safety (STO SIL3/PLe), one field-bus card for up to 5 network drives, the ability to meet all global standards along with safe, convenient set-up and monitoring, with apps for all mobile devices.

Other features include, a robust design enabling the drives to operate up to 4000m altitude and in hot environments up to 60ºC. Coated PCB’s protect against dust and mist, while Integral temperature controlled fans run only when needed, so any potential for contamination is minimised while service intervals can be prolonged.

The bright LED display and tactile keypad ensures easy and intuitive navigation through menus, while the common menus and parameters are arranged and named as any other Yaskawa drive minimizing the need for re-training. Also, an embedded programming environment for customising drive functions means scalability and the potential to replace the need for external controllers.

The USB port means easy connection to a PC or mobile device for programming, monitoring or trouble-shooting while easy-access terminals ensure quick and convenient connection of mains and motor cables without the need to remove any cover. Also screw-less control terminals create long lasting, reliable connections without the need for re-tightening.

In conclusion, GA500 & GA700 Drives offer simple system integration, combining network support, application focused features, with outstanding customizability, fast installation and set-up without the need for peripherals. Ends

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