Chell Produce Smallest Ever 16 Channel Smart Pressure Scanner

World-renowned gas measurement and control experts, Chell Instruments, have increased their range of leading performance pressure scanners with the launch of the smallest intelligent pressure scanner available anywhere.

The new nanoDAQ-LTC-16 measures only 50 x 23 x 9mm but has the same advanced calibration and thermal compensation as the rest of the nanoDAQ-LT range. Designed for applications where small size and light weight are a priority, the LTC retains all the features and market-leading performance of its contemporaries.

Fully configurable, the nanoDAQ-LTC-16 will output pressure data in engineering units over CAN and makes use of 16 absolute transducers, which are thermally compensated and conditioned.

Its size and rugged construction means the pressure scanner is perfect for use in harsh environments. Reconfiguration of the port outlets allows measurements to be made more conveniently in tight spaces.

Nick Broadley, Managing Director at Chell Instruments, said: “Pressure scanning applications are an area we’ve been heavily focused on. In particular, the aerodynamic testing of Formula 1 cars where we have supplied high-end pressure scanners for over 30 years.

“Our team of engineers have been working hard to design an affordable miniature scanner that replicates all the advanced diagnostics and precision of the nanoDAQ-LT range but in an even smaller package.”

“Many of our engineering solutions come directly from a customer enquiry looking for help with a specific problem,” continued Nick. “Chell has a reputation for undertaking solid research as part of our new product development process so our customers know that we come up with a quality engineering solution.”

Contained within a miniature package sealed to IP67 standard, the nanoDAQ-LTC-16 can be used in harsh environments, making it ideal for many potential users from motorsport teams to motorcycle designers, trains and wind turbines.

Established in 1976, Chell Instruments supply and manufacture pressure and gas flow measurement and control instrumentation. They design and build test and calibration systems for many of the most demanding and mission-critical applications.

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