New Liquiphant ready for Industry 4.0

Endress+Hauser’s vibronic level instrument FTL51B reliably detects the level of liquids in storage tanks, containers and pipes – but it also provides proof test, verification and IIoT functionality.

The Liquiphant FTL51B can be used in all types of liquids as its vibronic sensor is not affected by changing media properties, flow, turbulence, gas bubbles, foam, vibration or build-up. It works in process temperatures of -58 to 302°F (-50 to 150°C) and pressures up to 1450 psi (100 bar). It can be used in SIL2 and SIL3 hazardous locations and has built-in automatic maintenance and verification functions.

The device can perform its own proof test, which can be activated remotely at a control system or locally via the device. The proof test diagnoses the sensor for corrosion and build-up, and ensures the entire instrument is operating properly. Verification can be activated either manually or automatically via Endress+Hauser’s Heartbeat Technology, providing a verification report required by various regulatory agencies.

Access via Bluetooth technology and a mobile device – such as a smartphone – allows the user to identify each device, commission it, check the status, start a proof test and download verification documentation. Bluetooth has a range of 33 ft, allowing a technician to access Liquiphant instruments installed in hard-to-reach locations, such as at the top of tanks.

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