The EL-SIE Range | Software-free, next generation data logging from Lascar Electronics

Although Lascar Electronics has been manufacturing data loggers for over 25 years, even for the original inventors of the USB data logger the launch of the new EL-SIE range is a major event. The EL-SIE is the first in a new generation of EasyLog products that takes data logging to another level.

Capable of measuring ambient temperature, humidity and pressure, each can store over 1 million readings inside the sleek metal housing. The bright and clear display shows readings and device status at a glance, and the coloured LED indicators and sounder mean the EL-SIE can grab your attention when it needs to. Each logger is supplied with batteries (two standard AAAs), a USB cable and a wall bracket so it’s ready to use right away, and one set of batteries will typically last over a year.

But the biggest innovation is hidden away inside the EL-SIE itself: all the software needed to configure your logger and view, analyse and download the data. There is nothing to install, simply connect the logger to any PC or Mac and use your existing web browser. You don’t even need internet access, it couldn’t be easier.

Of course, the EL-SIE also comes with all the powerful features expected from EasyLog. These include high, low, cumulative and pre-alarms, and also start modes including delayed start at a pre-set time, or a triggered start based on any selected measurement parameter.

In another breakthrough, the EL-SIE is the first USB logger that can be used with the EasyLog Cloud, giving total peace of mind about the security of your data. Once on the Cloud the readings can be accessed from any internet-connected computer or mobile device, and also used with EasyLog’s powerful online graphing, analysis and report generation tools.

The EL-SIE is intelligent and adaptable enough to be perfect for use in a number of markets including facilities and building management, logistics, warehouses and storage, and clean rooms and other pressure sensitive environments.

The new EL-SIE range: data logging has evolved.

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