ValSize – More than a program for sizing valves

The ValSize software from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems allows you to determine an ideal valve size and the required flow coefficients for given operating conditions and fluid properties – and also offers a variety of practical functions and tools as well.

During its development, focus was put especially on ease-of-use. Special valve characteristics that the user is probably unaware of, like the FL value (pressure recovery factor) for example, are not queried – they are stored in databases for each valve series.

In the “Sizing” mode, a valve suitable for the fluid properties of the application is calculated, and various data for the individual operating conditions is provided. This includes the particular KV values, the corresponding valve openings and the required rangeabilities. These provide an indication for the selected valve incl. its characteristic curve about the ability to handle the entire range of the mass flows to be controlled.

In addition, the flow velocities, up- and downstream, are determined. If desired, ideal nominal sizes are also suggested to keep the valves in an “economic” range. Moreover, a calculation of the expected noise level and the fluid properties of the selected fluid is given.

But ValSize offers many more useful tools and functions, like the ability to calculate leakage for various leak rates, or the “Flow Calculation” mode: the flow for a selected valve can be determined depending on the valve opening.

The “Process Flow Characteristic” tool allows a calculation of the characteristic curve based on the installation, which means the flow as a function of the valve opening.
The “Heat Exchanger Calculation” tool allows calculation of the mass flow of condensed saturated steam from the required heat exchanger output.
When a vessel is filled with a gas or gas is drained from a vessel, the pressure profiles over time can be calculated using the “Vessel Pressure Calculation” tool.
Standard media such as air, water, and water vapor can be selected from a fluid properties catalogue as the flow media. Implausible temperature entries are corrected automatically. In addition, databases for perfect gases and liquids can be generated, mixtures of perfect gases can be calculated, and the fluid properties of unknown media can be determined using the so-called “Fluid Properties Assistant”.

The program can be operated in 12 languages and is available for free via download on the website of Schubert & Salzer Control Systems.

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