Telsonic’s ultrasonic technology helps HJ PNC in the fight against COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started to take hold around the world, there has been a serious shortfall in the availability of face masks. However, in March, Korean based HJ PNC ( started manufacture of fully automated mask production machines to tackle this issue head on.

For these masks to be effective, it is essential that the highest quality standards are maintained, and to meet demand, the machines must also maintain high levels of productivity at all times. Telsonic’s ultrasonic technology, renowned worldwide for its reliability and durability,  is at the heart of these machines and a key element in the mask production process. Currently, HJ PNC are producing seventy fully automated machines per month, which are delivered to customers in Korea and also around the world.

Co-president of HJ PNC and president of Zhongtai Korea – Mr. Shaun Youn commented: “Although it is only a small mask, it helps to save lives. Therefore, HJ PNC and Telsonic will continue to cooperate to manufacture mask production machines of the highest quality & performance.”

(Co-presidents of HJ PNC – Left: Mr. Hunseob Byoun and Right: Mr. Shaun Youn)


“This mask says, I respect the nurses and doctors who lost their lives to this virus to save other people. This mask says I respect the essential workers who get up every day and drive the bus, or drive the train, or deliver the food, or keep the light on, so that I can stay home, and I can stay safe. It says, I respect others, and I respect you. That is a statement that we should all be willing to make any day. It is not about me, it is about we. That is how you battle community spread with community unity. The least gratitude you can show to essential workers is at least wear the mask so you don’t infect more people”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo

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