MARKATOR® specializes in marking systems and is a pioneer in the field of mobile dot peen marker with its battery-powered FlyMarker® mini models.

With their light weight and compact design this marking units are mainly suitable for durable markings of big and unmovable work pieces directly on-site. MARKATOR® is constantly working to optimize its marking systems and to meet the marking requirements of its customers. The focus is on achieving a continuous simplification in permanent marking of different kind of workpieces and materials.

The latest development is the new version of the battery-operated hand-held marking system FlyMarker® mini 85/45 plus. A wide range of extensions and accessories are available for this model, tailored to a wide range of possible applications.

An optional extension is the adjustable and removable aluminium positioning plate. This positioning plate makes it easy and flexible to adapt the FlyMarker® mini 85/45 plus to customer-specific requirements and devices. In addition, the stable design of the aluminium positioning plate ensures optimal positioning and precise marking results even on hot surfaces. As a new feature the FlyMarker® mini 85/45 plus can also be equipped with an optional 2-point touch. The positioning plate with 2-point touch has two point touch supports instead of a flat positioning plate. Through the vertical adjustment possibility, a more comfortable positioning is given. This accessory is used when space for positioning on the component is limited or when marking in depressions is required. The non-slip rubber coating on the 2-point touch prevents slipping and provides a stable working position.

For other applications, the FlyMarker® can be equipped with an integrated barcode scanner. With this optional scanner it is possible to scan 1D, 2D-codes (e.g. barcodes, QR-codes, marked Codes, etc.) without any external accessories. The scanner is integrated directly on the front face of the marking unit therefore both hands remain free to operate the marking system. With this, barcodes can be scanned quickly and the content can then be marked in characters directly on a work piece.

Equipped with all the general functions of the FlyMarker® mini basic unit, the FlyMarker® mini 85/45 plus portable marking system with its numerous extension possibilities becomes a professional partner for permanent and tamper-proof markings.