TVision: Delivering integrated business management solutions for the engineering sector

TVision Technology is one of the UK’s most experienced providers of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Established in 1999, TVision has delivered over 300 successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software projects in a wide range of sectors, including engineering, drinks production and professional services.

Business Central is Microsoft’s leading ERP solution for ambitious organisations. It is a cloud-based, all-in-one business management tool that connects sales, service, finance, and operations teams, allowing them to adapt to changing demands and deliver results effectively and efficiently. As part of the Microsoft stack, it also connects seamlessly with Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI.

TVision has a proven track record in implementing Project Costings. Commonly known as “Job Costings”, “Project Costings” or “Jobs & Resources” to Microsoft Dynamics users, this is a powerful module within Business Central. Aimed at businesses that regularly run one or more projects at a time (these can be internal or external), it is a simple and effective way to manage and track project expenditure, costs and resources (hours spent), and allows easy invoicing per project.

Collaborative approach equals implementation success

TVision has implemented Business Central for RDG Engineering (TW) Ltd, a London-based engineering consultancy providing a full range of specialist design services for public and private clients. RDG chose to implement Business Central to provide the capability to do their full financial reporting from a complete data set

Colin Hollowood, Head of IT, RDG said: “TVision’s collaborative approach to our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation has been invaluable. Their expert team has been on hand at every stage, providing us with knowledge and skills as needed whilst allowing us to a free hand to tailor the system to our own requirements.

“The migration to Business Central is a pivotal step for us as a company, allowing data and systems to be harmonised through the fully integrated Microsoft platform of products. With it will come improvements in efficiency, streamlining many disparate processes, alongside full depth reporting of key business metrics. We have exciting plans to further develop these systems and we look forward to working with TVision to help bring them to life.”

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