FP Smooth Flow Pumps – Low in Pulsation, High in Efficiency 

KNF is bringing some much-needed calm to the world with its family of Smooth Flow liquid pumps.

The FP product family combines the established strengths of KNF diaphragm pump technology – self-priming and dry-running ability, gentle and clean liquid transfer, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance – with the smooth flow normally associated with gear and centrifugal pump technologies.  This unique combination makes the FP family of pumps a tempting all round package for customers in all markets, where reliable and gentle transfer of precious liquids is key.  

The integrated low-pulsation technology generates customer value in many ways.   

First and foremost, it improves the efficiency of the pump and the customer’s fluidic system.  Due to the smooth and steady flow, the impedance of the customer’s fluid system is greatly reduced and therefore flow performance is significantly improved.  This can be a crucial factor if small bore tubing is used in the customer’s system. 

Another benefit is the reduced risk of bubble formation and foaming, which helps to keep the liquid in a stable state and therefore increases the reliability of the customer’s processes.  

Most fluid systems incorporate other components, such as filters and sensors, which are also positively affected by the low pulsation.  Lower pressure means less stress on these parts, which results in a longer lifetime.  

Integrating a pump into a system with additional pulsation damping elements and extra fittings and tubing can be challenging where space is limited, and the extra components add cost and complexity.  The FP family solves these problems by having all the necessary damping technology integrated.  

To match the customer’s control and lifetime requirements, the FP pumps can be equipped with motors ranging from high-end programmable BLDC motors to lower-end brushed DC motors.  Furthermore, our programmable BLDC motors can be configured to provide customer-specific control behaviour and individual pump calibration, delivering precise and consistent performance from every pump.  Along with a wide selection of elastomers such as EPDM, PTFE, FFKM and FKM, different hydraulic connectors such as compression fittings, push-in fittings, inside threads or hose barbs, the pump may be further customised according to the customer’s needs. 

To learn more about our Smooth Flow pump solutions please visit: https://knf.com/en/uk/solutions/pumps/innovations/smooth-flow-pumps

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