ODU Connectors

High-voltage connectors – treading the fine line between minimum installation space and maximum power transmission

As electronic devices continue to become ever smaller and lighter, product developers are required to shrink components whilst, at the same time, increasing their electrical output.

This requires a well-thought-out design and expertise in combining the smallest possible installation space with maximum power transmission – without compromising user safety.


For their MEDI-SNAP® plastic connector range, ODU have developed a new contact insert suitable for high voltages up to 1,000 volts AC and 16 amps – all this in a connector with a diameter of 20mm or less.

In addition, the contact pin layout ensures that hot-plugging can generally be prevented in advance.  Lagging signal contacts detect the completely mated state and enable a compatible electronic system to do likewise. The transmission of current and voltage is interrupted immediately if any attempt is made to plug or unplug the connector while it is under power.

High-voltage assemblies

ODU offers customised connectors and assemblies with matching high-voltage cables, ensuring that OEMs don’t need additional integration, saving them time, effort and, of course, money.

Everything from a single source, always matched to minimum installation space, maximum power transmission and maximum safety.

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