Custom Radiation Resistant Lenses

Resolve Optics offers an OEM design and manufacture service for organizations requiring radiation resistant fixed focus or zoom lenses optimized to their application.

As market leader in radiation resistant lenses for nuclear, space and medical applications for the last two decades – Resolve Optics has an unmatched range of standard fixed focus and zoom lens designs to draw upon. Adapting one of these existing designs enables Resolve Optics to quickly produce a radiation resistant lens optimized to suit almost any application.

Mark Pontin, Managing Director of Resolve Optics commented “All optical elements within our radiation resistant lens designs are made using cerium oxide doped glass or synthetic silica enabling them to withstand radiation doses of up to 100,000,000 rads without degradation of performance”.

He added “The custom lens requests we receive varies hugely. For instance, a leading nuclear systems integrator required a 16mm focal length radiation resistant lens which is not part of our standard range of fixed focus lenses. An additional requirement was that they needed the lens to fit within a small footprint so they could use it without any modifications in an existing camera housing. The resulting fixed focus, radiation resistant lens is enabling users of their radiation-hard inspection system to capture clear, high-definition colour images, with minimum geometric distortion from 400 to 770 nm”.


Rob Watkinson, customer support manager at Resolve Optics, said “Another customer required a 10x zoom lens able to produce clear sharp images free of the strong yellow tint that has traditionally been a limiting issue when using radiation resistant lenses on colour sensors. This unique design requirement was achieved using specialised non-browning glasses. Operating at f/3.6, this radiation resistant 10x zoom lens provides high image resolution and can image objects from 1300mm to infinity. Being a tracking zoom lens design, beneficially it also maintains focus throughout the entire zoom range once set up”.



For further information on custom radiation resistant fixed focus or zoom lenses please visit or contact Resolve Optics Ltd. on +44-1494-777100 / [email protected].

For over 20 years, Resolve Optics has developed a customer centric approach to specialist lens design, development and supply. The company prides itself on nearly three decades of quickly translating each customer need into an optimised optical design, running projects successfully, and manufacturing production quantities of lenses or optical products on time, to the specified quality and target price.