Divulging the secrets of the electrical connector industry

New PEI Connects podcast to look behind the curtain and share insight into the latest news and innovations in the interconnect industry

To keep engineers, technicians and business leaders up to date with the latest news and innovations from the world of electrical connectors, interconnect specialist PEI-Genesis has launched the PEI Connects podcast. The series, which is hosted by Zafar Jamati, is available on all major podcast platforms, including Amazon, Apple, Google and Spotify.


Episode one of PEI Connects features Jonathan Parry, Senior Vice President and MD Europe at PEI-Genesis, and asks the question: what does an affordable EV mean for the electrical connector market?

Each further episode will feature a leading figure from the world of electrical connectors and discuss key issues of the day, such as EV connector compatibility, supply chain issues and the contentious role of generative AI in industry.

As EV prices become more affordable, the widespread transition from fossil fuel-powered vehicles to greener alternatives comes closer to being realized. However, this news is putting pressure on component manufacturers who must now ramp up component production to meet the increased demand. One of the key components, both in the vehicle and in the charging station, is the EV connector.


“The electric vehicle market is so much more than the headlines from the big-name automotive players like Tesla and Volkswagen show,” explained Parry. “At PEI, we have been investing heavily in the EV market for the last five or six years. This has been in both the traditional automotive market and in broader e-mobility sector, including light utility vehicles, electric boats and, even, small electric aircraft.

“We focus heavily on helping customers from across these different applications find the right connector solution for their application, taking into account power requirements, protection levels and maintenance options.”

It’s clear that charging infrastructure and the fragmentation of connector types poses a challenge in the adoption of EV, with many options to consider depending on the application.

“After speaking to Jonathan, it became abundantly clear to me that there is no one size fits all connector solution for all types of EV connectors,” added Jamati. “However, for mass market automotive EVs, the technology does seem to be slowly converging towards a single preferred connector type and reaching this position will be crucial in delivering our net zero ambitions.”

Future episodes of the podcast are already in production and will cover a range of exciting topics from across the electrical connector landscape. These include technical innovations in the connector market, industrial AI in warehouse automation and how to navigate global supply chain issues.

To listen to episode one now, visit your favourite podcasting platform and subscribe to PEI Connects; Amazon, Apple, Google or Spotify. PEI Genesis would like to invite all its listeners to leave a review, letting the team know your thoughts on episode one and there are any topics you would like to see covered in future episodes.