Komatsu introduces 3D machine guidance and payload functionalities for crawler and wheeled excavators

3D Machine Guidance and Payload Meter built by Komatsu

Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance provides customers with a simple and accessible 3D GNSS system and dynamic payload metering. This launch aligns with Komatsu’s continuous commitment to provide customers with intuitive technological solutions that improve safety, enhance productivity and efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions in construction operations.

Drawing on a decade of experience and deep understanding of the intelligent Machine Control system, Komatsu now offers Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance kit as a simple and flexible technological enhancement for a broad range of standard Komatsu machines as well as mixed fleets.

Jim Venerus, Product Marketing General Manager said: “Customers tell us that productivity, real-time jobsite information, and keeping pace with digital transformation are some of their biggest challenges today.

Komatsu has developed the 3D Machine Guidance kit in response to these needs.” The kit provides an accessible way to add 2D and 3D machine guidance to any crawler or wheeled
excavator from 13-tonnes up to 120-tonnes. “One of the main benefits of the 3D Machine Guidance Kit, through ease of installation, is its ability to digitally transform any excavator, of any generation, at any time,” added Venerus.


Dynamic Payload Metering

The 3D Machine Guidance kit can be customized with various optional additions such as a tilt bucket and couplers kit, two-piece boom kit, super long front kit, and SATEL radio kit. These options allow the kit to better accommodate each customer’s machine configurations and operating conditions.

“The 3D Machine Guidance kit is the result of extensive efforts by Komatsu to deliver a truly user-friendly system, giving the operator a level of digital assistance whatever the requirement,” said Richard Clement,

Deputy General Manager Smart Construction.

Developed by Komatsu for Smart Construction to the same strict standards as their renowned yellow machines, the 3D Machine Guidance kit hardware components provide customers with guaranteed reliable quality and performance. Clement added: “The 3D Machine Guidance kit is fully supported by the Komatsu distribution network along with the digital expertise of our Smart Construction team.”


Consistent with Komatsu’s ongoing dedication to improving jobsite safety, a 3D safety zone feature has been integrated into the system. This allows customers to create and import avoidance zones. The feature serves as a preventive strategy, sending alerts to operators when they are in proximity to hazards such as powerlines, underground utilities, walkways, or public roads.

The 3D Machine Guidance kit’s automatic file conversion is compatible with most common design file formats. This ensures a seamless integration with customers’ existing 3D systems from different manufacturers.

In addition to the standard machine guidance functionality, the 3D Machine Guidance kit comes with an integrated payload meter option for Komatsu machines. This feature allows for dynamic weighing of materials, eliminating the need for manual checks and interruptions. This boosts productivity by ensuring each truck is loaded to its optimal capacity without risking overload.

Besides being a standard 3D GNSS system, the 3D Machine Guidance kit is also integrated into the Smart Construction suite as a first step towards optimising earthmoving process (DX). It works as an IoT tool automatically collecting terrain and payload data, which can be visualised and analysed using Smart

Construction solutions and expert advice.
“Combined with Komatsu’s connected services, the 3D Machine Guidance kit meets the common challenges of our customers today to deliver productivity gains via 2D and 3D machine guidance, real-time connectivity, and the ability to make data-driven decisions.” concluded Venerus.


About Smart Construction

Smart Construction is a digital transformation strategy created by Komatsu together with Sony
Semiconductors, NTT Communication and Nomura Research Institute under the entity EARTHBRAIN
Limited. These four organizations are known for their significant contributions to delivering the greatest
innovation leaps to their industries.
Smart Construction experts utilise digital tools to assist clients in the earthmoving and quarry industries by
finding the optimum way of using resources like machine, material and people for enhanced productivity,
quicker project completion, cost savings, improved safety, and reduced CO2
Smart Construction’s comprehensive range of solutions and services are fully provided and supported in
Europe by Smart Construction partners AP Deutschland GmbH, DigiKo, G-tec Positioning GmbH,
Instadrone, Kuhn Baumaschinen, Kuhn Bohemia a.s., MDiG, Scantruck.

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