Choosing the right telemetry tools for the job

~ New whitepaper shares advice on how to select and implement wireless telemetry equipment ~

Signal conditioning and telemetry specialist Mantracourt has released a new guide to telemetry equipment, guiding customers through the system selection and implementation processes. The whitepaper compares Bluetooth and IoT 2.4 GHz systems and also explores specialist requirements, such as those found in ATEX environments. The whitepaper is available to download for free on Mantracourt’s website.

Wireless telemetry systems provide the easiest and most cost effective way for plant and asset managers to gather system data across their sites. However, with different communications options available, it is sometimes difficult to know which option is best for the job.

Mantracourt’s new whitepaper aims to help, by explaining the key considerations for selecting the best type of system for a given application and, crucially, how to get the most out of whichever system you opt for.

“The options for wireless transmission are varied and deciding which system works best for your application can often be a tricky task,” explained Robert Badcock, managing director of Mantracourt. “Possibilities include low power devices that use transmission bands such as 2.4 GHz, which can transmit on multiple channels and are remarkably tolerant of radio frequency interference, and devices that use mesh or star network topologies. We help our customers understand the differences, ensuring they select the system that is the best fit for their application and helps them overcome any operational challenges they face in their business.

“We supply an array of products, from our B24 Bluetooth Strain Transmitter to our T24 2.4GHz system and, even, the ATEX specific X24 system. Each has been designed to overcome specific industry challenges, so it is important that we help customers match the right product with each given application,” continued Badcock.

The whitepaper also explains how to take advantage of cloud-based monitoring tools, such as Mantracourt’s SensorSpace® platform, to improve data monitoring and analytics capabilities.

“SensorSpace® is a fully customisable cloud-based platform, tailored to the needs of the end user. The dashboard can be as simple or as complicated as you need it to be, from a simple numerical display of operational parameters to in-depth overlays, charts and graphs showing live and historical data. The platform provides a place to store and mine all your performance data for up to three years, allowing asset managers to gain insights that were not possible before,” concluded Badcock.

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