Tantalum capacitors from KYOCERA AVX

An overview of solutions from one of the leading global suppliers.

Tantalum capacitors are commonly used in many branches of electronics, mainly thanks to their durability and small size. At TME, we offer a wide choice of components from one of the leading global suppliers.

KYOCERA AVX is a renowned brand, created as a result of a merger of two companies which had been manufacturing electronic components for decades. Among other things, the supplier offers a wide selection of tantalum capacitors, i.e. components related to electrolytic capacitors, whose electrodes are made with the use of tantalum and its oxide – resulting in higher durability and improved mechanical strength. Below, we present the products, including the newest additions to our catalogue, divided according to their series, purpose, characteristics and strong points.

In this article, you can read about:

  • Classic THT capacitors
  • A wide selection of SMD components
  • Structure of compact voltage converters
  • Components for consumer electronic circuits
  • Tantalum capacitors with extended thermal tolerance
  • Polymer tantalum technology

TAP series, THT capacitors

First of all, it is worth noting that KYOCERA AVX offers “classic” THT components, included in the TAP series. Their rated voltage ranges from 6.3 V to 50 V DC. At TME, you can find variants with capacitance of 0.1 µF to 220 µF (with ±10% or ±20% tolerance). Notably, the products boast a wide thermal tolerance of -55 to 125°C. The capacitor’s body has been coated with a thick layer of synthetic resin (which is flame retardant), ensuring high security and mechanical strength of the components. All these products are lead-free and compliant with the RoHS directive.

The capacitor has a 2.5 mm or 5 mm lead pitch.


SMD tantalum capacitors

The majority of the products presented here are SMD components, designed for surface mounting. KYOCERA AVX divided them into a number of series, according to their specific applications.

Voltage converters and drivers

The TPM capacitors exhibit ultra-low ESR.














Most of the manufacturer’s products included in the TME catalogue are intended for voltage converter circuits (mainly DC/DC). This is one of the typical applications of tantalum capacitors. In our offering, you can find components designed for voltage regulators of low (the F93 series), medium (the F91 and TPS series) and relatively high power: the TPC and TPM series (the latter exhibits ultra-low ESR and the operating temperature of up to 125°C). For such applications, we also recommend using the TAJ series – the most versatile group of SMD capacitors from KYOCERA AVX, which can operate at even 50 V DC and display capacitance from 1 µF to 1 mF.

Precision electronics

The components can also be widely applied in compact electronics, i.e. portable consumer devices (smartphones, e-readers, tablets, etc.). Many KYOCERA AVX products are small or housed in special packages, enabling you to build miniature microprocessor systems, motors or drivers. Such components belong to the F72, F95, TLC and TLJ series. The TLN low-profile capacitors and the truly miniature TAC capacitors (available in 0603 and 0805 package sizes) are certainly worthy of your attention. In the manufacturer’s offering, you can also find components which conform to the requirements of small USB devices (the F92 series).

Thermal resistance

It is also worth mentioning the capacitors with a very wide thermal tolerance, reaching up to 175°C (selected variants). These solutions are intended for the most demanding applications in the automotive and aviation sectors as well as in industrial circuits, i.e. wherever high resistance to environmental factors is needed. Such capacitors are included in the THJ, TRJ and TRM series.

Hybrid components

What is more, the manufacturer also offers hybrid capacitors, specifically polymer tantalum capacitors (the F38 series). Such a structure makes it possible to create compact capacitors (in 0603, 0805 package sizes, according to the imperial system) which exhibit high efficiency and are perfectly adapted to tasks such as microprocessor or SoC circuit (System on Chip) decoupling in smartphones, tablets and other small electronic devices.