Point One Navigation Selected by IAC to Provide Car Positioning for World’s Fastest Autonomous Racing Cars at CES 2024

Crucial navigation technology is now available for all autonomous vehicles including drones, robots, delivery robots, construction and farm equipment, and autonomous cars and trucks.

LAS VEGAS, January 8, 2024 — Point One Navigation, a leading provider of high-precision location solutions, is proud to announce that it has been selected by the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) to provide cutting-edge Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) corrections technology for the world’s fastest autonomous racing cars at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Point One’s RTK network delivers centimeter-accurate location services that make autonomous racing at high speeds possible. IAC race cars often exceed 180 mph and require precise location data for safe high-performance racing. The IAC chose Point One Navigation based on the company’s proven record in delivering precise location data to many companies through its RTK technology.

“We’re proud to be selected by the Indy Autonomous Challenge to provide our RTK positioning technology for ALL of the autonomous racing cars at the CES 2024 IAC Racing event,” said Aaron Nathan, CEO of Point One Navigation. “These are the fastest autonomous racing cars in the world and they highlight the capabilities of our RTK solution and demonstrate our commitment to advancing innovation in the autonomous vehicle industry.”

Point One Navigation’s innovative RTK technology is now available for a wide range of autonomous applications. This includes drones, robots, delivery robots, construction and farm equipment, and autonomous cars and trucks. The same high-precision technology that powers the fastest autonomous racing cars is now available to industries seeking reliable and high-precision navigation solutions throughout North America and most of Europe.

Team members participating in the Indy Autonomous Challenge have praised Point One Navigation’s technology. Gary Passon, AIracingTech founder and Autonomous Motorsports Principal at UC Berkeley shared, “As with any competition, we want to win. Point One’s RTK technology is not only incredibly accurate but also remarkably easy to integrate and use. It has been an essential component in optimizing our vehicle’s performance and has increased our ability to compete at such high speeds.”

Point One Navigation is excited to provide its RTK positioning technology to the next generation of engineering students striving to build autonomous machines and vehicles. “Students are the purest kind of innovators,” said Nathan. “They’re pushing the envelope of what’s possible quicker than any business, even startups and cutting-edge companies. Many of our current team members participated in similar engineering challenges while in school. That experience has been decisive in driving our own technology forward.”

Point One Navigation continues to lead the way in providing cutting-edge RTK solutions for autonomous vehicles, with the Indy Autonomous Challenge at CES 2024 serving as a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of precision navigation technology.

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More about Point One Navigation:

Point One Navigation, headquartered in San Francisco, specializes in building precise location services with accuracy down to a few centimeters at a cost 100x less than existing solutions. State of the art sensor fusion techniques and a proprietary network of sensors enable Point One to determine location with unrivaled precision and cost. To learn more about Point One Navigation and its products, visit: www.pointonenav.com.