FPT Industrial makes all-round sustainability of all its products and processes a fundamental part of all its projects and activities. This time, however, the Iveco Group brand dedicated to the design, production and sale of low-environmental impact powertrains wanted to do even more. And it did it in style, making use of its presence as an exhibitor at Agritechnica 2023 to demonstrate that participating in an international trade fair while remaining CO2-neutral is possible.

The brand indeed not only showed off some of the most innovative solutions applied to Internal Combustion Engine (Diesel, Biomethane and Hydrogen) and to Electrification in Hanover, but it chose to do so from a stand whose environmental impact had been completely offset. Thanks to a study carried out in partnership with Polytechnic University of Milan, the system perimeter was defined, in other words the exact sequence of phases of the stand’s creation. Having defined the perimeter, the individual phases were isolated – for example the supply of materials, the fitting out of the stand, the transport of people and objects, the energy consumption during the course of the event, disassembly and end-of-life – and an estimate of the relative carbon footprint was made.

When designing the stand, a particular focus was placed on optimizing the materials, with the goal of being able to subsequently reuse or recycle them in order to create the least possible environmental impact. The stand was created using modular structures which reduce the manufacturing, set-up and disassembly times, and were manufactured and assembled using electric or low-emission machines, with a particular focus on minimizing manufacturing waste and refuse.

Once manufactured and protected with 100% reusable and recyclable packaging, the components of the FPT Industrial stand for Agritechnica 2023 left the premises of Tecnolegno Allestimenti in Cormano (Milan) heading for Hanover on board a fleet of IVECO S-Way Natural Gas trucks powered by FPT Industrial Cursor 13 NG engines, fueled with bioLNG supplied by Shell. The same vehicles running on the same fuel were used for the entirety of the journeys there and back, to maximize the commitment to “carbon neutrality” of the entire process. The final analysis for the initiative evidenced a 87.5% decrease in net CO2 emissions for the transport, which represents the greatest contributor of carbon dioxide emissions, and a 60% reduction for those relating to the entire process of exhibiting at Agritechnica 2019. At the end of the event a final tally had been conducted and the residual emissions will be offset through the purchase of certified carbon credits.

Watch the video to discover more about this journey.

“Today, in order to be accredited as sustainable, we have to be above all credible,” stated Egle Panzella, Head of Sustainability for FPT Industrial, “and with this initiative that mitigated all the carbon footprint factors of our stand, which is so strongly focused on sustainability, I believe that we have managed not only to demonstrate our credibility, but also set a virtuous precedent. For those who, like us, manufacture and sell sustainable mobility, a carbon-neutral stand must now become the rule rather than the exception.”