Optimized degasser for automated flow chemistry.

Biotech Fluidics reports on the development of a custom 8-channel DEGASi® Plus inline degassing system for AutoSyn AB – a start-up company specializing in flow chemistry and continuous processing systems.

Existing off-the-shelf product solutions do not always cover user needs. For a critical customer application, the degassing performance offered by the AutoSyn advanced flow chemistry system was not sufficient. Due to space limitations the 8 solvent reservoirs in the system had to be placed below the point of use which required a positive nitrogen pressure to avoid cavitation. Further these space limitations called for a special degasser solution accommodating 8 degassing channels in one single unit.

In response to this need – Biotech Fluidics developed a custom 8-channel degasser to simultaneously degas delivery of eight different solvents. This application optimized custom degasser only took a few weeks from first idea to integration and operation with the AutoSyn flow chemistry system.

AutoSyn´s business expertise is the automation of chemical development. With their Autonomous Chemistry Lab flow chemistry system, they can optimize chemical reactions in weeks rather than months with inline and online analytics helping their customers to achieve the transition to greener and more sustainable products.

Hannes Schomaker, co-founder, and CTO of AutoSyn AB said “During the development of the Autonomous Chemistry Lab we sought a knowledgeable partner to engineer a high-performance degassing system optimized to remove reactive gases from solvents and solutions used in the system. We selected Biotech Fluidics because of their many years’ expertise in degassing technology and ability to quickly produce a degassing system that exactly met our needs. The build quality, degassing performance, and reliability of the resultant 8-channel DEGASi® Plus module has exceeded our expectations”.

Biotech Fluidics is internationally recognized for producing high performance systems that efficiently remove dissolved gases from fluid streams to ensure more consistent results. Degassers with up to six channels are in the standard portfolio of Biotech Fluidics. With the introduction of the DEGASi® PLUS series, Biotech Fluidics has set the benchmark for vacuum degassers. DEGASi® Plus systems save industry both time and money by avoiding production disruptions caused by bubbles in the fluidic lines. The DEGASi® PLUS series can be equipped for a wide range of applications, depending on what kind of performance you need.


For further information on the Autonomous Chemistry Lab system please visit https://www.autosyn.se/ or contact AutoSyn on [email protected].

For further information on off-the-shelf or custom DEGASI Plus degassers please visit https://www.biotechfluidics.com/products/degassing-debubbling/degasi/degasi-plus/ or contact Biotech Fluidics on + 46 300 56 91 80 / + 1-612-703-5718 / [email protected].