Global composites manufacturer Exel Composites has appointed Tiphaine Ricoup to the role of area sales manager for French-speaking Europe. As part of Exel’s global sales team, Mrs. Ricoup will work closely with existing customers and extend relations to new business. Exel Composites’ project workflow involves staying close to its customers throughout the R&D process and, with five years of sales experience, Mrs. Ricoup will be a dedicated contact for French speakers in France, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Mrs. Ricoup is a qualified engineer who has worked previously for the French Naval Group, managing target strength projects for the navy. She also designed technical solutions as a bid manager for the Exail Group, using underwater drones to destroy mines. This technical engineering experience will serve her well in her consultant capacity, as she’ll be available to answer customer queries, and will benefit the growing composites market in Western Europe.

“Opening up the potential of composite materials to France, Belgium, and Switzerland is my mission,” said Mrs. Ricoup. “Composites can help with so many issues in Europe, such as building thermal renovation, lightweight transportation components, and refurbishing infrastructure.


“Although the European manufacturing and engineering communities know composite materials and their benefits, I think highlighting the value of continuous manufacturing methods, such as pultrusion and pull-winding, will be an important part of my responsibilities,” continued Mrs. Ricoup. “Exel’s experience in these processes allows it to produce long profiles of uniform quality, with great speed and efficiency. I’m looking forward to returning to an active sales environment and forging relationships with new and existing customers.”

“Exel Composites’ market share in Europe is growing in a way we’re really happy with, so now is a perfect time to add Tiphaine to the team,” explained Roberto Oppio, head of sales for Western Europe at Exel Composites. “The combination of her sales and technical experience makes her a great fit to understand our customers’ needs and form strong relationships to be able to anticipate their requirements.

“Finding composite solutions across different industrial sectors is Exel’s business and Tiphaine strengthens the European team’s ability to find those solutions for customers. As the first point of contact and the face of Exel for French speakers across the region, she will ensure a high level of service and support for our customers.”

To find out how Exel Composites’ expertise in pultrusion and pull-winding could serve your business, contact the company at https://exel.pub/3SrIfLA