(1st February 2024, Arvada, CO, USA) ALIO Industries’ adoption of monolithic design in its motion control systems is a strategic decision to ensure unparalleled precision and reliability in its products. The monolithic design promotes stiffness, and integrates all essential components into a single, compact unit, which eliminates the mechanical complexities and alignment challenges associated with modular designs. This integration is crucial for applications where even the slightest discrepancy can lead to significant errors, making the precision and stability provided by monolithic design essential for the success of ultra-precise operations.

Bill Hennessey, President of ALIO says, “The monolithic design choice is particularly beneficial in sectors where precision is non-negotiable, such as metrology, ultra-fast laser processing, digital pathology, and semiconductor processing. For example, in digital pathology, ALIO’s monolithic, low-profile, open-center X, Y, Z electromagnetic driven stages are critical for achieving the high-speed, high-throughput, and low-friction motion needed for precise sample analysis. The integrated design allows for better pre-scan images by maintaining consistent motion with sub-micron variation, which is essential for capturing all data points in one pass.”

ALIO’s commitment to ultra-precision is also evident in its focus on nanometer-level accuracy and repeatability, which surpasses the commonly found micron-level precision in the industry. By prioritizing nanometer precision, ALIO’s monolithic designs cater to advanced applications that require the utmost accuracy, thus differentiating its products and positioning the company years ahead of its competition​​​​.

Moreover, ALIO’s innovative approach extends to incorporating novel materials into their monolithic designs, leveraging properties such as high stiffness and low thermal expansion. These materials contribute to the stability and precision of the motion control systems by minimizing thermal fluctuations and vibrations, which are critical factors in maintaining accuracy over time and under various environmental conditions​​.

Hennessey continues, “ALIO ensures that its monolithic motion control solutions are future-proof, designed not just for current needs but with the foresight to adapt to evolving application requirements. Our product configurator tool exemplifies this approach (,enabling customers to specify solutions that are tailored for both present and prospective challenges, thereby offering a smart investment for long-term operational efficiency​​. This forward-thinking strategy underscores ALIO’s dedication to providing customers with motion control solutions that deliver persistent ultra-precision performance in a rapidly advancing technological landscape.”

ALIO’s relentless pursuit of ultra-precision is further reinforced by its internal standards and practices. The company’s in-house metrology department and advanced machine shop underline its commitment to quality and precision. ALIO’s standards have been recognized by the adoption of their Point Precision® approach into the ASME B5.64 standard “Methods for the Performance Evaluation of Single Axis Linear Positioning Systems”. This point repeatability method accounts for 6D spatial errors, providing a true representation of nanometer-precision performance​​.

Hennessey concludes, “The use of monolithic designs underpins ALIO’s strategy to deliver ultra-precise motion control solutions. By integrating components into a single unit, leveraging innovative materials, focusing on future-ready solutions, and adhering to stringent internal standards, ALIO provides its customers with a competitive edge in an array of high-precision industries.”