Weald Electronics launch LM200 MICRO CONNECTOR series

UK made replacement to now obsolete ITW McMurdo Micronector 200

High density, 2 mm pitch connectors

High resistance to vibration

Extreme reliability

Designed to meet BS9525 F0033 specification

Weald Electronics, a major UK manufacturer of electrical connectors and accessories, has rapidly responded to the news that ITW McMurdo have decided to make their Micronector 200 series of 2mm pitch connectors obsolete. Weald is now manufacturing a direct equivalent to this connector series providing a seamless continuity of supply. The Weald LM200 MICRO CONNECTOR

series is technically and dimensionally identical to the former ITW McMurdo connectors and is completely back compatible with any existing ITW McMurdo Micronector 200 connectors, allowing users to continue to manufacture and support existing and new equipment using this new drop-in alternative Weald LM200 range.

Weald Electronics LM200 MICRO CONNECTOR

The WEALD LM200 will be available from the leading franchised distributor Lane Electronics who still have limited availability of the ITW Micronector 200 series. Customers are being advised to accommodate the Weald LM200 series as quickly as possible to maintain continuity of supply. Availability and pricing for the new Weald LM200 MICRO CONNECTOR product will be identical to the ITW component and existing part numbers will change only slightly to reflect the new supply.

An introduction to the new Weald LM200 MICRO CONNECTOR series with full technical catalogue information is now available on line and a

comprehensive cross-reference service has been provided for customers convenience.

Nick Wheeler, Sales Director of Lane Electronics says We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the ITW McMurdo Micronector 200 series being made obsolete and appreciate our customers cooperation in accommodating our direct-alternative solution. We will be happy to talk to any customers who may require any additional information to make this change to the new Weald LM200 MICRO CONNECTOR seamless.

Weald LM200 MICRO CONNECTOR series are high density, 2 mm pitch connectors and designed to meet BS9525 F0033 specification offering utmost reliability with high resistance to vibration. LM200 connectors feature a small footprint for increased packing density with pcb contact and crimp contact terminations for board-to-board and boardtocable applications.

Key features include:

Design to meet BS9525 F0033 specification.

High density 2 mm pitch 2-part connector.

High specification.

Small footprint for increased packing density.

7 sizes single row (2 to 17 way), 11 sizes two row (4 to 34 way).

Male straight and 90° PC terminations.

Female straight PC and crimp terminations.

For board-to-board or board-to-cable applications.

High reliability circular contacts for increased vibration and shock resistance.

Positive latching available.

Weald Electronics is a UK connector manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and testing of high-performance connector systems for demanding applications as well as a wide range of accessories including sealing, and strain relief backshells.

All Weald Electronics products are available from the leading franchised distributor Lane Electronics and more information on the Weald LM200 MICRO CONNECTOR series can be found at https://www.fclane.com/product-range/weald-lm200-range-connectors