Revolutionising total organic carbon and nitrogen analysis

SciMed and Analytik Jena to launch new total organic carbon and total nitrogen analysis instrumentation for flexible sample processing

Leading UK laboratory instrumentation supplier SciMed has launched Analytik Jena’s new Multi N/C x300 TOC/TNb analyser series as the exclusive UK distributor. The new product series for total organic carbon (TOC) and total bound nitrogen (TNb) analysis has greater flexibility for sample processing. Solid or liquid matrices; ultra-pure or particle-rich samples; industrial, contract-testing or research laboratory; all are compatible. The new operating software employs intuitive workflows and self-check functions to maintain optimal conditions, enabling worry-free unattended operation.

The Multi N/C 3300 is a true all-round analyzer that can easily handle either particle-rich, salt-containing or very pure samples with no dilution, due to a unique wide-range NDIR detector. It uses high-temperature combustion, intelligent rinse parameters and parallel purging analysis to offer supreme versatility in the lab at high throughput, with analysis times of 3-5 minutes per replicate.

The N/C 2300 is more specialist and heavy-duty: it too uses high-temperature combustion for oxidation. It focuses on particle-rich or small volume samples (down to 10µl) using its unique direct injection capability. Finally, the N/C 4300 UV is extremely sensitive and ideal for ultra-pure water analysis using UV digestion at two wavelengths simultaneously for oxidation.

The Multi N/C x300 analyzers can manage both vertical and horizontal sample input, for measuring both liquid and solid matrices respectively. Analysis conditions can be calibrated to accommodate a wide range of saline concentrations and pH values. This versatility unifies all TOC/TNb sample preparation and analysis needs into one instrument, reducing total laboratory expenditure significantly.

The brand-new MultiWin Pro operating software shows all important information at a glance (including live measurement updates) and provides maximum data integrity, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. In-depth analysis insights, audit trails and user management are available at any stage during a sample sequence. A large number of automated self-check functions are constantly monitoring gas flows, temperatures and much more, enabling worry-free unattended operation at optimal conditions.

“The Multi N/C x300 series is going to make a serious difference to TOC/TNb analysis in the UK,” said Matt Allen, product manager for elemental analysis at SciMed. “Rapid, accurate measurement of organic pollution with improved automation, intelligent sample preparation, and software that both simplifies analysis and frees up time? This is going to be top of a lot of people’s lists.”

SciMed has agreed an exclusive deal to distribute Analytik Jena’s Multi N/C x300 analyzer range in the United Kingdom. Learn more about this new TOC/TNanalysis instrumentation on the SciMed website: