SICK’s world-first W10 touchscreen sensor: exceptional performance across countless applications

SICK has unveiled the world’s first photoelectric sensor with a touchscreen interface. The all-in-one W10 solves a wide range of industry problems, combining ease of use, high performance and effortless adaptability to specific detection tasks and applications in one device.

One sensor can do it all

The W10 represents a major step forward in precise detection technology. It has a variety of MultiMode functions and configurations via intelligent on-board algorithms, including ‘Speed’, ‘Precision’ and ‘Standard’ modes, teach-in options, and foreground and background suppression to make it easier to identify difficult to detect objects, such as those with reflective, dark or uneven surfaces.#

With four variants (short or long range, cubic or hybrid), the W10 makes selection simple and tackles a huge variety of tasks with just ONE sensor. This results in unparalleled levels of convenience, with minimal effort for purchasing, administration, storage, training and maintenance.

Industry leading performance and precision from SICK

Combining range, speed, and robustness in one balanced and versatile system, the W10 delivers accuracy and precision via a precise laser triangulation sensor with high-resolution receiver array. Developed using SICK’s vast industry knowledge and sensor expertise, the W10 has exceptional repeatability and a rapid response time of 1.5 ms, assuring reliable switching at high speeds.

The W10 features an industry leading sensing range of up to 700 mm. Customisable from factory for personalised needs, the robust sensor delivers impressive performance across a multitude of applications, from fast-moving production lines to harsh and demanding environments.

Convenience and simplicity

The W10’s easy-to-use swipe-up touchscreen provides a world class user experience, with intuitive set-up through pre-configured settings and multiple teach-in options, and no manual required for simple sensor integration.

Fully customisable while installed, the W10 is equipped with standardised mounting and optional manipulation protection in the form of a lock function to prevent unwanted in-field changes. IO-Link connectivity allows sensor data to be shared with Industry 4.0 IoT systems; ideal for machine diagnostics, troubleshooting, remote set-up, edge configurations and easy device replacement.

“Powerful, versatile, yet simple to use, the W10 is a new generation of sensor technology. It demonstrates SICK’s exceptional knowledge and understanding of sensor technology and the market,” says David Hannaby, SICK Market Product Manager – Presence Detection, adding, “With just four product variations offering almost limitless applications, choosing the sensor you need has never been easier.”