Technidrive introduces advanced testing rig

~ Test rig replicates real-world conditions to ensure the reliability and safety of winches ~

Technidrive, a bespoke integrated automation systems provider, has introduced an advanced testing rig designed to help its customers rigorously assess the performance and reliability of winch systems. The state-of-the-art rig offers precise and comprehensive testing capabilities, and is designed to redefine winch performance standards across a range of industries and applications — including offshore drilling critical marine environments and more.

Technidrive has designed its in-house testing rig to enhance reliability, efficiency and safety in lifting applications. Standing at ten meters tall and equipped with built-in concrete weights of varying sizes, the rig conducts meticulous manual, load cell, and speed tests to evaluate winch capabilities under diverse conditions.

A key feature of Technidrive’s rig is its advanced load cell mechanism, which enables the application of forces exceeding those exerted by concrete blocks. This makes it possible to perform rigorous static and dynamic load tests, in order to confirm the winch’s ability to securely hold weights under extreme conditions.

“Meticulously designed manual, load cell and speed assessments make it possible to rigorously evaluate how winches perform under different conditions,” explained David Strain, technical director of Technidrive.

The testing rig incorporates a range of sophisticated technologies, including advanced load cells, encoders, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), data logging equipment, and power meters. Furthermore, the rig integrates power meters on the winches, enabling real-time monitoring of voltage, speed, current, and power factor during lifting operations.

“These technologies work seamlessly together to provide accurate and comprehensive testing results, empowering clients to make informed decisions about their winch systems,” continued Strain. “As a result, Technidrive’s testing rig has proven instrumental in validating winch performance for offshore drilling operations, ensuring safety and reliability in critical marine environments.”

A key feature of Technidrive’s rig is its advanced load cell mechanism, which enables the application of forces exceeding those exerted by concrete blocks.

The rig’s versatility is highlighted by its generator system, which caters to specific voltage requirements for various applications including the offshore drilling, marine, and industrial sectors. For example, the standard voltage requirements for cruise ships of 690 V. The system is driven by an IP55 rated W22 Motor, CFW11 variable speed drive (VSD) and an AG line alternator to ensure a reliable power supply in the same voltage and frequency as the winches’ final destination. This results in enhanced efficiency and reduces operational costs.

Technidrive’s state-of-the-art rig is designed to redefine winch performance standards in a range of applications, including critical marine environments.

In a recent success case, Technidrive partnered with  Survitec, the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of liferafts, to validate the performance of their winches for deep-sea operations. Utilising the testing rig, Technidrive conducted comprehensive simulations to assess the winches’ capacity to handle heavy loads, and create a winch solution for Survitec’s liferafts in challenging marine environments.

The results met and exceeded the client’s expectations, affirming the winch solution’s safety and reliability in critical offshore operations.

With its comprehensive testing capabilities and incorporation of sophisticated technologies, the rig empowers Technidrive’s clients to achieve unmatched levels of reliability and safety in their operations.

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