Tezmaksan Robot Technologies to showcase CubeBOX CNC automation systems at WIN Eurasia 2024

Tezmaksan Robot Technologies will exhibit the CubeBOX CNC automation systems and the latest iteration of its innovative software platform, ROBOCAM+ at WIN Eurasia 2024. Taking place from June 5 to 8, 2024 at the Istanbul Expo Center, Yesilkoy, Turkiye, attendees can witness Tezmaksan’s CubeBOX Blues DR 3P and CubeBOX Space Cabinet, in action in hall 5, stand D100. 

WIN Eurasia stands as a vital event to showcase the latest innovations across a spectrum of industries, from logistics and supply chain management to factory automation systems. With over 55,000 m² of exhibition space spread across six halls, the event promises an unparalleled opportunity for networking, collaboration and business growth.

Visitors to the Tezmaksan stand can expect to experience firsthand the capabilities of its CubeBOX Blues DR 3P and CubeBOX Space Cabinet — two of the company’s flagship CNC automation system offerings. The CubeBOX CNC automation systems are tailored to optimise manufacturing workflows and lessen operator engagement in machine tending. Running 24 hours a day, night shift efficiency can improve by 50 per cent compared to manual CNC tending.

CubeBOX’s seamless integration with any control unit and robot — regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol — along with its affordability and adaptability enables manufacturers to bolster productivity, minimise downtime and maintain competitiveness.

The CubeBOX Blues DR is Tezmaksan’s most popular CNC automation model. Its portable cell design enables flexibility in deployment and its innovative 5-8 drawer stacker, with sizes ranging from 600mm to 800mm each, provides ample storage for workpieces. The package includes fundamental standard components, such as a 6-axis industrial robot, dual light curtains for safety measures, adjustable drawers, a safety fence with interlock and sets of grippers.

Also on display will be the CubeBOX Space Cabinet. With dimensions of 2,150mm in width and 1,700mm in length, this portable system maximises floor space utilisation without compromising on functionality. Its design accommodates workpieces with a maximum diameter of 100mm, providing ample room for various machining tasks.

One of its standout features is its flexibility, allowing operators to load and unload parts seamlessly while the system is in operation, enhancing productivity and efficiency on the shop floor. Whether used as a standalone unit or integrated into existing production lines, the CubeBOX Space Cabinet empowers businesses to optimise their manufacturing operations with ease and precision.

Every CubeBOX system relies on RoboCAM, an intelligent automation software developed by Tezmaksan. RoboCAM enables operators to integrate CubeBOX with any compatible robot without the need for prior robot programming expertise. The company has recently released a new iteration of the software called RoboCAM+. Visitors can discover more about this new platform at stand D100.

RoboCAM+ boasts numerous technical advancements. The platform offers unparalleled capabilities, including the ability to seamlessly read and work with DXF files, facilitating enhanced customisation and flexibility in manufacturing operations.

Thanks to its object-oriented structure, the software facilitates floor and part tracking, thus ensuring collision-error protection and efficient operation. Additionally, RoboCAM+ features advanced functionalities such as duration and efficiency calculation, station working structures, multipart operations and real-time display of cells created with 3D modelling.

Compatible with leading robot brands like Fanuc and KUKA, intuitive programming logic and automatic updates, RoboCAM+ sets a new standard in robotic CNC automation software, making setup and operation easier than ever before.

“WIN Eurasia provides us with a unique opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge CNC systems and RoboCAM+ software, reaffirming our strong market position,” explained Serhat Volkan Yilmaz, general manager at Tezmaksan Robot Technologies. “In fact, we have recently unveiled a new state of the art 53,000 square meter factory at our facility in Sivas, Turkiye. This investment is the strategic next step in our global expansion, allowing us to continue to expand our CNC automation product line, serve a broader range of industries and meet customer demand with our express delivery capabilities.”

Tezmaksan Robot Technologies has been at the forefront of innovation in the CNC automation industry for many years. With a global presence and dealer network, the company aims to empower businesses with automation solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall performance.

For more information about Tezmaksan Robot Technologies and its CubeBOX systems, visit the website. You can register to attend WIN Eurasia 2024 here.