Steering manufacturer invests in the future

~ Pailton Engineering’s new equipment ensures quality and consistency ~

Steering system specialist, Pailton Engineering, has invested in new machinery for its factory in Coventry. The Midlands-based manufacturer, which supplies some of the world’s largest OEMs, has made a series of strategic investments to maintain product quality and improve capacity.

Pailton Engineering has recently made a string of new investments, including a new 3D printer, a new robot welding cell and a new 5-Axis HAAS machine. These investments are part of a wider drive to ensure the company can continue to provide the quality and consistency it is renowned for, while at the same time enhancing capacity and building for the future.

The new machinery includes a FANUC robotic welding cell — a familiar piece of equipment to Pailton’s engineers. The company has used robotic welders for many years, as these machines provide a higher level of speed and consistency than manual welding. As well as refurbishing its existing robotic equipment, Pailton Engineering has invested in a new machine with a larger envelope, allowing its factory to produce a higher volume of parts.

The company’s design engineers will also benefit from access to a new 3D printer, which, when combined with their solidworks CAD software, will allow them to produce prototype products within a matter of hours rather than waiting for parts to be produced. Although this capability is not new to Pailton – having had 3D printing capability for over a decade – purchasing this newer model provides access to further variation in printing materials and prepares the factory for future projects and new product introduction.

A further boost to capacity has been provided by an additional new 5-Axis HAAS machine. The factory now includes multiple 5 axis capable machines, so the new investment helps strengthen the move toward increasing quality and capacity.

‘‘Many of these investments are renewing capabilities we already have,’’ explained Nick Jordan, Head of Engineering and Quality. ‘‘It’s important we keep modernising and upgrading our equipment, so we can continue to provide the consistency and quality that is required by our customers, while also improving our throughput and capacity.’’

Pailton Engineering recently received recognition from PACCAR/DAF for meeting their world class quality expectations by achieving 10 PPM or better throughout the full year of supply for 2023.  ‘‘These investments are part of a wider strategy of continually improving quality,’’ Nick said. ‘‘Our focus is on quality, consistency and repeatability. Achieving recognition from such a prestigious customer and being added to their ‘10 PPM’ rated supplier list is an example of the hard work we put in paying off, and something we are all immensely proud of.’’

Pailton Engineering has enjoyed continuous growth over the past decade. By maintaining a high level of investment in upgrading its manufacturing equipment, the company is future-proofing its facility as it prepares to serve new and existing customers in the bus and coach, commercial vehicle and military sectors.